On the road again

Hey there. How's it going?

I never did get those ATCs posted Tuesday. Managed to scan them in but forgot to upload.

So, the little dude & I are enjoying a cool Maine summer day. I haven't figured out how to upload pics of lighthouses & lobsters to this borrowed PC yet (says the neo-Luddite apple user). Or take & post some screenshot eye-candy So... I may be a bit scarce for the next week or so.

We'll definitely be back to our regularly scheduled program the 12th or 13th. Sooner if I get a clue.

Til then, if you haven't entered the random drawing for Risa Tritabaugh's original painting Among The Flowers, leave a comment before 1 a.m. on 8/12 to enter. To check out this whimsical piece & visit with the artis ,click here.

I hope you all have a great weekend. And I'll be sure to eat an extra piece of blueberry pie for you. Just one question: do you want that a la mode?


  1. al a mode for sure! :) Sounds like a lovely time, enjoy!

  2. Definitely ala mode!! Have fun!

  3. Fun! I hope you have a great time! Must be nice to be cool right about now!! xoxo

  4. I cannot believe that The Hubbums and I have not been up to Maine yet this summer! It's a travesty! Now I want to make plans...

  5. no but a slice of cheese would be good. under the broiler just a sec. and I wan't to see pictures of you and the lil dude havin fun!