IF - Caged

"...the lower side of me, so long indulged, so recently chained down, began to growl for license."

Illustration Friday's prompt was too fun to miss today so with a bit of luck I figured out how to add an image on this borrowed PC. (Many of you know I am seriously clueless, so this is more impressive than you might think).

This summer I've been returning to stories from my childhood & just reread Stevenson's entertaining "shilling shocker." So the caged beast was the 1st thing that came to mind. This led me to this ACEO, titled The Impostor in my Artsnark Etsy shop.

Pop on over to IllustrationFriday.com for a variety of takes on this fine prompt. Be sure to add your own if you have the time.

By the way, there is no studio tour on the blog this weekend. Things will return to normal around the 12th  when I pick the winner of the random drawing for Risa Tritabaugh's painting Among The Flowers. Click here to view the painting & find out more about this contest. You can also enjoy a visit with the artist.

Catch you later.Hope you have a fantastic weekend! 


  1. Very powerful image, great book.

  2. Wonderful image!!
    Have a great weekend

  3. really great illustration, very deep x

  4. I love how you combined the greens and blues. Very evocative!

  5. well done; like a spider web from her eye.
    (I sent those posters off! looking forward to hearing what your winners think!)

  6. Thanks so much for visiting my blob and the delicious needed virtual lemonade! I'm so glad you came over over. So now I am loving your blog, Your musings, fabulous art, music, link sharing! You have it all! I'm now a follower!
    Linda :)

  7. It is so good. I never thought that using just an ordinary crayon can make such a beautiful art work. I still can't believe it is possible. Thank you for sharing. I will make this as one of my inspiration.