Michael DeMeng online class starts 1/11/11

A few years ago I was in an art-book group. We would pick a book, read a chapter, create something & then share our pieces. We had a lot of fun with Michael DeMeng's Secrets of Rusty Things, a fabulous book by the way - great projects but also an entertaining read.

Last week I sold a piece that I'd made for that group on the same day I heard about DeMeng's Art Lab, a series of online workshops. 

If I Were A King funky flower vase - Sold

The first  topic, Color Washes, begins January 11th.  I'm a big fan of this artist's palette. Many of his pieces have a wonderful recently-excavated feel... but with an otherworldy twist, like relics from Atlantis. I also need a creative kick in the pants now & then. So this sounded like the perfect place to spend my new found wealth.


Registration is still open. Find details at MichaelDeMeng.blogspot.com. While you are there, be sure to have a look around. It is one of my favorite blogs featuring lots of cool art  - plus great posts on some of my favorite topics like alchemy, Golems, Faust and many other goodies.

Want to save a few bucks on the Color Washes workshop? Become a member of CreativeSouls on ning and then register through their link: http://creativesouls.ning.com/forum/topics/michael-demeng-online-class .  Creative Souls members who use that link pay $35.95 instead of $39.95 for the class.  If you are already a member, just follow the link. 

Not yet a member of Creative Souls? Come out & play with us! Just visit CreativeSouls.ning.com & sign up. It is a cool meeting place for all sorts of imaginative folks. There is all kinds of  entertaining stuff going on over there - from copyright free vintage images to digital  art  discussions, marketing advice to contests & everything in between.

Founded by the wonderful artist Izabella, Creative Souls is "A diverse gathering of creative souls, a place to help promote each other. Discover new & interesting people. ~ALL creative people welcome~". So c'mon. What'cha waiting for? Pop on by & see what is going on.


Change of topic: If you are in this part of the blog-o-sphere tomorrow stop by for Part 2 of the interview with bead artist Meredith Dada. If you missed Part 1 click here.


Have you entered the new random drawing? On 12/30 one lucky winner takes home a 100 pc art supplies set. Click here for details & photo of prize

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  1. Michael's work is always fascinating and never never boring!! I will think about that class he is offering.
    Merry Christmas and hugs