Studio Tour #30 - BumbleBooHandmades

Artichokes by Kailey Lang

Hi there. How have you been? Grab your coat - we are heading north this week to visit Kailey Lang of BumbleBooHandmades.etsy.com. She has kindly offered to show us around her creative corner of the world. Kailey is a 3rd year illustration student at Sheridan College in Ontario. In last week's interview, she mentions a love of nature. You can see evidence of this artist's green thumb in her studio as well as in her artwork.

Did you catch Kailey's interview & giveaway announcement on 12/02? If not, click through & check it out. I'll wait for you here...

Pretty cool stuff, huh? I love the variety in her pieces. When you have a few minutes pop by her etsy shop; you will find a little something for everyone. Now lets take a peek behind the curtain to where the magic happens...

KL: This is where I do pretty much all of my art. It's kind of bad to have the computer right there because it can be distracting, but it's also get for doing research and gathering reference!

KL: This is the side of the my desk where I do most of the work, I rarely work on the other side of my desk. On the left, you can see my female beta's 5 gallon tank, her name is Bea and she is very silly. I think she's sleeping in her coconut house in this picture though, so you can't see her.

KL: This is my distraction station haha. And you can see some of my plants on the left!

KL: A couple of my plants, the tall one is dwarf schefflera, and the one on the right is nepenthes sanguinea. The one in the from is adorable little carnivorous plant called utricularia blanchetti.

KL: Just a closeup of the blanchetti, it's so cute!

KL: This is my 25 gallon tank, there's shrimp, rummynose tetras, neon tetras, and a couple of otto cats. It appears they are camera shy though! All the plants are real, I love aquatic plants (and plants in general!)

KL: My windowsill filled with plants, and my sundew terrarium on the right side. I have herbs and then just some generic flowering plants.

KL: Another shot of the window with the addition of my lovely cat Boo, cleansing himself on my bed.

KL: A close-up of the handsome man himself haha. His nickname is actually "Bumble Boo" which is where I get my shop name from. I adopted him and my other cat Martin from the humane society here in Oakville when I first moved to Ontario back in 2007 for college. And they've been driving me crazy ever since! Nah, I'm kidding they are good boys.

KL: This is my plant rack! Lots of odds and ends here. I wired and attached the lights myself cause light fixtures are expensive. In the closeup from left to right its heliamphora minor, Persian Violet, and cephalotus follicularis. The Persian Violet is still young, I grow a lot of my plants from seed because I love watching them grow up!

KL:  A closeup of the beautiful carnivorous plant, heliamphora minor, or Sun Pitcher.

KL: My beautiful Blue Star Morning Glory growing on the growing rack. Thanks for looking everyone! :)

Thank you, Kailey, for showing us around. And for sponsoring the current giveaway. I can't wait to find out who the lucky winner of Fishes Wishes will be.

Fishes Wishes by Kailey Lang

And thank you, everyone, for popping by & taking the tour today. Please leave a comment before you go. Everyone who leaves a comment on my blog before 12/16 will be entered in the random drawing for the Fishes Wishes print. Also, it is your interest that keeps the artist features, tours & giveaways coming.)

Do you have a space that you would like to showcase? Or is there a studio you would like to see? It can be big or small, fashionable or functional. I'd love to take a peek & share it with anyone who stops by.

Want to know more about Kailey and her art? Visit these links:


And be sure to come Thursday to see who gets to take home a new art print. If you've left a comment, the winner could be you....


  1. that gal has some beautiful plants and an adorable cat! -- thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow!! Her art work is wonderful and all her plants are amazing!!! Love the picture plant. So cool!!

  3. Great shop, Kailey! Thanks for the tour, Stacey.

  4. Stunning work and a beautiful work area. Gotta love a woman that loves plants and flowers:)