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Bird Laydee by Kailey Lang
Hey there. How are  you today? 

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Looking for a fun Artist Feature & new Thursday Giveaway? You've come to the right place. Today we are spending some time with Kailey Lang from the wonderful Etsy shop Bumble Boo Handmades. After too much turkey last week, I was browsing Etsy when this cute little owl avatar  caught my eye.

I just had to click through and see what else the shop would hold. I immediately fell in love with the natural colors and organic feel of Kailey's artwork. Hopefully you will too - click on any of the captions to find out more about the pieces pictured here. (Please note that the actual pieces do not have the Bumble Boo watermark on them.)

Lucky for us, Kailey has popped by for a chat. And I'm so glad you could join us too! Go on, grab a cup of something tasty and put your feet up in front of my imaginary fire....

So, Kailey, When did you first become interested in art?

KL: Well, I started drawing when I was very young, as most kids do. I was obsessed with drawing rabbits (that looked like bees, cause their ears were so huge they looked like wings!), and then I moved to horses. I drew horses for a long time and then started drawing people eventually. I suppose I started to get more serious about art and considered pursuing it as a career in highschool.

Barn Owl Bookmark by Kailey Lang

What are your favorite materials? Styles?

KL: My favourite materials to use would be watercolour, ink, and gouache. I do work with linocut and I like it as well! I like working with collage a little bit too occasionally, incorporating decorative papers and things like that, but it's more rare, and something I'd like to experiment with a little more. I would like to get more into opaque media like acrylic and oils. I use acrylics at school, and very rarely in my own art, but it never really stuck with me, though it has a lot of potential. As for styles, I really like Art Nouveau, The Golden Age Illustrators (Arthur Rackham, Kay Nielsen, and Edmund Dulac being amoung my favourites). Japanese Ukiyo-e prints are very cool as well. I am sure there are more styles that I appreciate, there are so many greats artists and styles out there!

Elemental Art by Kailey Lang

Where do you find inspiration?

KL: Well, naturally I find inspiration from other artists, but also, from nature. I mean, obviously there's a huge "green" movement right now, but I think that people still don't appreciate nature as much as they should. Since I was 7, I lived on a farm in the Lower Mainland in British Columbia, Canada. It's basically 4 acres of forest and field and it's beautiful there. Though I no longer am living there (I'm in Ontario now for college) I realize how much I appreciated it, and how fortunate I was to live there. The beauty of nature is something that I try to incorporate in my art, and certainly something I'd like to explore more and integrate more into my work. I think it's really important to appreciate the beauty of nature, and not see ourselves as separate from the Earth, but as part of it.

Crestfallen by Kailey Lang
Do you listen to anything while creating? If so, what are you listening to lately?

KL: I listen to a lot of different music, but I'd have to say my favourites, in no specific order, are the following: Radiohead, Artic Monkeys, The Beatles, Metric, Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton, Pauline Croze, Queens of the Stone Age, Spoon, Tegan and Sara, The White Stripes... just to name a few! Kind of a weird mix of music, but I like variety. Another thing that might be a little bit odd is... when I'm doing a really long piece of work, I like to listen to movies. I feel like the storyline of the movie keeps me focused, because it's sort of linear, I suppose? As opposed to music (which I always keep on random) kind of destroys my attention span. But sometimes I will get obsessed with particular CDs so that is a good way to keep myself on track too!

1.25" magnet, Twin Owls by Kailey Lang

What do you like to do when you are not creating?

KL: When I am not creating, I love taking care of my plants, fish, and playing with my two adorable cats. I have many plants in my room which I think is a result of me missing all the greenery I have back home, but also something I've always been kind of interested in! I grow herbs, tropical houseplants, carnivorous plants, and then other flowering plants like columbine, morning glories, poppies... stuff like that! As for the fish, I have four fishtanks but maybe I shouldn't go into all the detail there cause then we'd be here all day (or week!).

Anything else you would like to add?

KL: Well... not much! Thank you so much for reading, I really appreciate the opportunity. Happy Holidays everyone!

Thanks so much for popping by, Kailey. I am so glad you had the time to share some of your thoughts & creations with us today.

And thank you, Reader, for stopping a awhile. If you are in a rush, scroll down a bit & check out the fabulous giveaway that Kailey is sponsoring. But if you have a minute, refill your cup and let me rant for a moment.... 

Alone by Kailey Lang

If you are familiar with my ramblings, you already know that I only visit with artists whose creations tickle my fancy. One of the things I really love about BumbleBooHandmades is the variety. The inventory is not overwhelming & you can check off  all sorts of art lovers from your gift list. There are not a lot of places where you can pick this a stylin' pencil cup for your (or your kid's) teacher

Linocut Print Blue Birds Pencil Holder by Kailey Lang

 and something for your zombie obsessed friend.

Zombie Nurse by Kailey Lang

Okay, thanks for letting me ramble. (I just had to stick that "walker" in here somewhere.) Now back to business...

Would you like to win a free print of the lovely surreal Fishes Wishes?

Fishes Wishes by Kailey Lang

KL: "Fishes Wishes, an  8x10" print, is professionally printed on 100lb Cardstock. The original painting was done by me in Watercolours, gouache and Inks. The print does not have the "bumble-boo" watermark on it. "
How do you enter this random drawing? Just leave a comment on this blog before 1 a.m. (EST) on 12/16. If your profile doesn't have contact info, please leave an email address. This drawing is open worldwide & prize ships free. It is that easy  - so c'mon, share your thoughts; join in the discussion....

Want to see more of Kailey's artwork? 

Or share some thoughts?

How about a peek behind the curtain? Stop back on Sat 12/11 when this talented artist invites us into her creative space, where all the magic happens.

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