Musical Monday - Happy Birthday Xmas Dolly


Wow - Is it Monday again already?! 

I happened to peek over at TheNewXmasDolly's blog to see what today's suggested theme is and I see that she just had a birthday. So my dear this one is for you:

I hope everyone is off to a fantastic week. If you are looking to share or listen to some tunes be sure to visit Dolly or DeniseIsRunDMT. They always have something spinning on the turntable.

Since it is about 2 am I'm off to dreamland. But will be back later today with photos from Friday's local branch of the Global Etsy Party. 'Twas a grand time. Lots of good food, new friends , and craft demos. DH & Little Dude thought they would take off after an hour but ended up staying for 3. And the Dude brough thome lots of great crafty swag. But... more later. The only tune I'm singing right now is a lullaby.


  1. I love this song. What a fun pick for Xmas Dolly and the theme!

    Thanks so much for the MM shout out and your continued support.

  2. Love this!!
    I am ready for a nap! Ha!

  3. What an awesome song choice for Dolly! :) Congrats on your Spotlight Dance, too! :)

    Today Is Your Birthday so We Will Rock You with Alcohol - MMMM

  4. Loved the happy birthday tune!

    Congrats on being in the spotlight this week!

    Cathy Kennedy, Children's Author
    The Tale of Ole Green Eyes

    Read today's post ...
    Monday’s Music Moves Me{Happy Birthday to Xmas Dolly!}
    Meet Me On Monday

  5. Cute little diddy for Xmas Dolly.

  6. Cute video. It made me smile and it's not even my birthday!

  7. Okay, that was really different, and party time! Sure picked me up, and now that song is stuck in my head and I'm bouncing all of the house happy birth-day happy birth-day... and my husband thinks I've lost it in this old age of mine! LOL Thank you so much and CONGRATS for being in the Spotlight Dance!!! woo hoo!

  8. I love the difference with this song.

    Congrats on being featured. :)