Tampa Etsy Craft Party photos

Jenny Conn adds her touch to the collaborative canvas

Last Friday the family had a blast at the 2nd annual Global Etsy Craft Party. Did you make it to your local shindig? 

Jenny ran the embroidery/cross stitch demos

The Tampa event was great fun, a much more intimate gathering this year. In 2010 the focus seemed to be more on vending, but this year was all about fun demos, new friends, and good food. 

this lovely lady is from whitwamorganics.com  

This family friendly event was open to everyone .. well almost everyone...

J. Conn's sampler - sorry about my flash

This is where I apologize for the cruddy photos. My camera & its battery were both on their last gasps, so the pics leave a little something to be desired.

Everyone added their special touch to a big canvas. 

This collaboration was a gift for the generous folks who donated the party space at the last minute.

Miranda Hammond was sporting a new Tardis tattoo

The make-it/ take-it demos were awesome and varied.

Amanda Barber

From making button necklaces 

Rachel Zablocki

to cake decorating

(the cake table was very very popular)

Kristen Bird from birdhousedesigns.etsy.com taught leather keychain making

Little Dude also had a grand time pounding away over at the leather working station.

While I enjoyed the coffee roasting demos

yummy coffee from Kaye Brown of Jitterz Cafe

There was a children's station for budding young artists


Greg Hilferding's table was busy all night

dreamcatcher tutorials

& other creative activities.

Cthulu cross stitch from J.Conn

Basically there was something for everyone

Although some were left wanting more....

Want to see more photos? Click here to find additional pics from the Tampa bash on Facebook. Visit ThatGirlAllie's blog. Or click here for worldwide images from the Global Etsy Craft Party on flickr.

Also here is a list of some of the creative business people I met on Friday. (If I missed anyone, please let me know & I'll add you asap)

Allison Barkley - ThatGirlAllie.com
Lindsay Blankenship - WorkingSquidDesignCo.etsy.com
Kristen Bird - BirdhouseDesigns.etsy.com
Kaye Browne - Jitterz Cafe
Michelle Palenik - PurpleCloudStudio.com
David Whitman (& family) - WhitwamOrganics.com
Aris - LiteratiCreative.com
Carmen Taylor - PomFlair.com
Kara Mundy - Kara Mundy Body Art
Juhli Green - GreenImage.com
Assorted folks from Brasky.org


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  1. This is such a great recap with awesome photos! :) Thanks so much for coming & helping!

  2. What fun Stacey!! It looks like it was creative and fabulous time for everyone. Great idea on having so many demo stations!

  3. Look how fun, awesome photos, thanks for sharing them with us. Looks like lots of good food too, yum! xo

  4. Looks like a fun evening!! Loved the photos! And the kids attacking the dessert table cracked me up!!

  5. Stacey, looks like everyone was having a good time at the art party~~ Sounds like fun.
    I would LOVE to be included in your Pieces of Paris give-away. I bet you came home with some amazing finds.

  6. looks like you alllyad a great time! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Sarah Wissenback9:14 PM, June 14, 2011

    Awesome blog. It was great meeting you that night!

  8. How fun! I love the flower with the cut out middle - you could carry it around and raise it whenever you ran into a mean person! Or a zombie.