Musical Monday - random shuffle

Hellooo Monday


I'm on the run today, so I've let the random shuffle pick a few tunes to share. Lucky for us only good stuff rose to the top. It was risky, we could've ended up with The Wiggles Captain Feathersword or something. (It really is time to clean up the itunes now that Little Dude is past the NickJr. phase)

I was really happy to see this great Boxer Rebellion tune pop up - Back when their album Union came out I was listening to it constantly: 

Next we've got TMBG's Fibber Island .... mmm... houses made of pie... While looking for a video I found this Harry Potter version made by awesomerthankanuph. Warning: you may find yourself humming this little ditty later - it has major earworm potential

While I like this last tune, Money & Run (featuring Nick Cave) from Unkle, I don't care for the video. For anyone with kids in the room, it is not family friendly

So what are you playing today? Want to share? Post & add a link over at XmasDolly's blog . While you're there, have a listen to what other folks have posted. Great way to start the week!

By the way, I'm hosting a last minute random drawing for Uprinting.com on Thursday. If you would like a chance to win 250 custom printed color flyers, just leave a comment on my blog before 1 am (EST) on 6/24 to enter. For prize & contest details, click here. (Really low # of entries so far, so good odds)


  1. Well, those were really different, but cute. ~hehe~ Thanks for joining with us today and hope to see you next week too! Have a great week. Already following.

  2. So glad you are playing with us today.

    I have not heard these before. Very fun and interesting.