Enter to win Myke Amend's Coloring Book For Grown Up Kids

Cover of Myke Amend's new coloring book

We are in for some fun today! Time for a new Thursday Giveaway!

Are you familiar with one of my favorite fantasy artists, Myke Amend? I am happy to own this wonderful Steampunk Alice drawing:

Mach Turtle by Myke Amend

I also crazy-love his cast of characters (C'mon, Steampunk Boba -what's not to love?!)
Slave 1881 by Myke Amend

and assorted airships
The Albatross by Myke Amend

His pieces show up here from time to time .... as I find something new to desire. You may have also caught this feature/giveaway post last fall. So what is this talented fellow up to these days?

Myke Amend's Coloring Book pg 4

Somewhere between the magazine covers, steampunk conventions, and the ambitious Infernal Device project, Myke pulled together a fun coloring book featuring 30 of his black & white pieces.

Myke Amend's coloring book pg 9

Do you love Lovecraft? Crave Cthulhu? Go CooCoo for Cocoa Puffs ? Okay, not that last one... but if you like tentacles, spooky chicks and things that go bump in the night then this gem of a book is for you. And....

On 7/14 I am giving a copy away to one lucky winner!

Myke Amend's coloring book pg 13

Want to get in on this action? Leave a comment on my blog before 1 a.m. (EST) on July 14 to enter the random drawing for the Coloring Book for Grownups. (If your contact info isn't in your profile, be sure to leave an email addy too. ) Prize ships free worldwide.

To see more images from this fun book, pop over to the artist's website. You will find a link to the web rez version of this coloring book at the bottom of its sales page - click here to check it out.  Ooh - just remember to leave a comment here before you go, so your name gets tossed into the hat. Ya never know, you could be the lucky winner!

Want to see more fun stuff? Peek into a bit of Myke's world:


By the way, you can also click on any of the purple image captions for more info.


  1. Myke is a swell guy,and I'll never give him Wild Turkey again....unless he wants it.

  2. Wild Turkey? Really? Well, ok, the special reserve 101 is alright... but nothing to a good Irish or Scotch

  3. I came across Myke via his wife's LJ blog many moons ago. Both are such incredibly talented artists, and very cool, down-to-earth people. I'm a far bigger lurker to their works than active chatterbox, but I admire them both greatly.

  4. Always great stuff! His items are great.

  5. I adore Myke's work. The interesting, unexpected details in his illustrations are always my favorite part.