Musical Monday - Transglobal Underground

Look out - it is Musical Monday! 
What'cha doin'? Me? I'm

Listening to late 90s Transglobal Underground
Drinking Cinnamon Hazelnut Coffee 
Waiting for Pumpkin Bread to finish baking
Wishing I had a more interesting content to share today 

If you're looking for a good read click here for last Thursday's visit with Alexandra Wolf from BlackBaroque.etsy.com.  With oodles of fabulous prints, over 12,000 sales (in less than 2 yrs) on Etsy, plus a recent feature in Coastal Living Magazine, she is one busy lady!

Friends Come In All Colors Print from Black Baroque on Etsy

And such nice person too! Alexandra popped by to talk about her favorite antique book store and share 2 prints with some lucky random winners. On Nov 3rd, I'll pick 2 the winners from those who comment on this blog before the 1 am (EST) 11/3 deadline.  Winners will get their choice of prints from BlackBaroque. 

Looking for an eclectic mix-o-music today? Stop over at Xmas Dolly's place for another Musical Monday jam-fest. This week's theme is "freebie" with all kinds of fun stuff going on. Want to share what you are grooving to today? Post your tune online & add a link over at Dolly's.


Well, I am already seven subways behind today so.... gotta run. Wishing everyone a creative week!


  1. Awesome song choice! and Cinnamon Hazelnut Coffee? That sounds delicious! :) Congrats on your Spotlight Dance! :)

    God Gave Me You, my Gym Class Heroes who were like Deer In The Headlights at Baggage Claim

  2. I can smell the flavor of my cappuccino already. :-) Nice choice!

  3. Eyy Mon, mighty good choice there we're havin'! ~snicker~ Thanks for playing along, and SURPRISE (AND I did e-mail you) CONGRATS YOU'RE IN THE SPOTLIGHT! WOO HOO! Yes, love the beat in this song. Although I never heard it before it's definitely shakin' my rock & roll for sure, mon

  4. Cup of hazelnut coffee and pumpkin bread sounds interesting to me!

  5. Very interesting choice today-I can't say I've heard anything like it, but it's a total mix of a few genres! :)

    And congratulations on being chosen for the spotlight dance this week!!

    I'll have to take a look at that interview because that picture just captured my attention right away and I need to know more ^.^

    Have a musical week!

  6. What a groovy tune! I hadn't heard it before, but that is one fun little ditty. Love it!

    "Egyptian pharaohs fell from the sky and played the blues". That is freaking awesome.

    I don't know anything about this band, but I am very intrigued. I hear so many other influences in this tune. Gonna wiki them right now to learn more about them. Thanks for sharing this fun find!

  7. I think I can smell that coffee.

    Lovely song choice!!

  8. Enjoy your coffee and have a good rest of your week

  9. Missed playing yesterday even though I had my post up. DH took the day off to spend with little ole me. I was in the spotlight twice yesterday. =D I didn't know I was your dance parnter until later in the evening and by then I really couldn't get online. Oh well, thanks for sharing the lime light with me this week! BTW, the cinnamon hazelnut coffee sounds yummy! I can almost taste it, too.