Tel Aviv, early '90s

desert dawn ACEO

Tel Aviv

Just caught the bus at 5 a.m.
The road seems rough this time
Sunglass armor wards off the dawn
Two bottles of vodka and still not in love

Your voice raised crushes my ears
Made deaf not by fireworks
but too much strong drink too fast
and the too honest whispers you poured over me.

I've decided to participate in Writers' Jam 2011 . It is a venue running through the end of the year where bloggers can share their random blatherings on everything from politics & news to poetry & fiction.... hmmm.... those may not actually be all that different. Buh, you know what I mean.

To participate, click the above Writers' Jam link for details. (Basically just jot down your scribbles, hit post but remember to add #creativity in your tags). If you have a few minutes to spare, sign up over at broowaha.com & check out what everybody else is rambling on about.

What does it mean around here? Basically an excuse to share my silly scribbles that I never bother sharing. Thanks for your patience with my chatter.


  1. A deluge of sincerity can drown a floundering soul... beautiful poem!!! thank you.

  2. Excellent!...and 'silly scribbles' I don't think so...

  3. I love your poem! It's wonderful!
    Looking forward to more! :)