A Visit with Stevie's Scratchpad + a new Thursday Giveaway!

Print of original skull drawing from SteviesScratchpad.etsy.com

Happy October! I love this time of year! 

The temps cool, leaves change, skeletons come out of the closet and onto front lawns....  plus the new Thursday Giveaway prize is Halloweenie themed! More about that later. Right now we are off to Los Angeles to visit with the artist behind the online shop, SteviesScratchpad.Etsy.com. So, grab your trick-or-treat bag and follow me to Stevie's front door. 

Please note: you can click on any of the captions for more info. Sorry if the text looks a little wonky. Blogspot is acting up today - must be the "trick" part. Now onto the treats!

Hi, Stevie. Thanks for letting us drop by! While we're snacking on your chocolate bars and candy corn, I have a few questions for you: 

When did you first become interested in art?

Stevie: I've been interested for most of my life, but I think that really took off in middle school.  Before, I'd liked my markers, and my colored pencils, and I'd liked drawing, but it wasn't a big deal.  In middle school, I really got into things, and I took better classes, and was more serious.  I got many more materials with which I could play and work.  I also started looking up other artists and pieces that I've heard of.  It really took off from there.  

Duomo in Florence, Italy print from SteviesScratchPad

What are your favorite materials & why?

Stevie: used to be a stickler for graphite.  That eventually got old as I couldn't make my blacks black enough, and it was a bit too shiny for my liking.  I then tried pastels, which was fun (and messy!), but then found acrylic paints.  Oh, the messes I would make coming up with new things to put on canvas!  I did a lot of paintings for my family.  The first ever I actually liked was one for my mom, the Red Heart that's in my shop as a print.  I did a few more that I'm planning on putting up.  When I took my first college-level art class, I got forced to use charcoal and pen and ink.  I haven't looked back since.  So, right now, if I were to paint, it'd probably be in acrylic, due to durability and drying time (I can get impatient when I've got an idea in my head).  I like drawing with charcoal, though in a pinch graphite'll do.  I also like pen and ink.  It looks so dramatic! 

Your skull print, the only black & white drawing in your shop just now, really stands out. What prompted you to create this striking piece?

Stevie: I got a plaster skull once, and for a while I stuck it on my shelf and put necklaces, hats, and the occasional wig on it.  One night, I couldn't sleep, so I pulled the skull down, dragged out my pen and ink stuff, and got to drawing.  I guess I just wanted to see if I could make something look good in pen and ink.  I loved it.  I then tried doing it in charcoal, but that didn't pan out as well.  Needless to say, the skull you see in the shop remains one of my favorite pieces, to this day.

Red Heart ACEO print from SteviesScratchpad
What are your thoughts on working in black & white vs color?

Stevie: Working in black and white as opposed to full color is interesting.  I think I like it better.  I don't mix colors often enough to be good at it (or I'm a perfectionist and just want the exact....right....shade), but working in black and white lets me focus on value.  Most of the things I draw aren't in color.  I like it in that it's easier to focus on value, and to look at the thing itself as opposed to the colors in it.  I like that you can get so much in with just a few pencils.  In essence, I prefer it.  I'm better at it, and I love the contrast you can achieve in black and white.

Jungle Cactus Flower Print from SteviesScratchpad

Where do you find inspiration?

Stevie: I find inspiration everywhere.  When it comes to photographs I'll shoot a picture of anything that looks good.  I don't keep many of them, and more often than not I'll sit there scratching my head, "Why did I...what's in here that's worth something?".  For drawings, I'll draw what's near me, unless I specifically want to practice something.  In that case, I'll look it up on the internet and draw from there.  I've done portraits, one of my grandma after she passed away (for my mom), and another of my brother-in-law and HIS mom.  Both of those were from photographs.  I'll doodle random things that pop into my head, say, during class or while I'm reading, and if I like them I'll expand them and make them better.  Sometimes I'll take a picture of something specifically to draw it. 

What was the last movie you watched? Do you think it will influence your future art?

Stevie: The last movie I watched was Alice.  It's a made-for-tv modern adaptation of Alice in Wonderland, one of my favorite children's books.  I think it just might influence me.  It was at times, very surreal, and I loved the originality and the style.  I've always loved it when things were turned topsy-turvy, like in the art of M.C.Escher.  I think finding something and making it my own, but still recognizable, sounds like something fun to try.  

Colosseum in Rome Italy photo print from SteviesScratchpad

Do you listen to anything while creating?

Stevie: It depends.  I prefer to be able to focus.  If I'm up in my room, drawing by myself, I don't often listen to anything.  If I do, I don't notice when it stops playing.  If I'm downstairs with the rest of my family, or in a public area, and I just want to draw I'll turn on some music and just start drawing.  I don't usually listen to stuff with words, as I end up focusing more on the lyrics than what I'm working on, but sometimes, if I think it fits the subject matter, I'll make an exception.  


How long have you been selling your art? Why did you pick Etsy.com as a selling venue?

Stevie: I've been selling my art for a few months now.  Before, I had no idea how to go about doing it, or even if it'd sell, but my mom and sister, who both also have shops on Etsy, encouraged me to start.  I think the fact that they were encouraging me, and knew how to work with Etsy, what to do, how to promote, got me to start where they were.  I had a better level of familiarity and people to ask when it came to Etsy.  

I am also just stocking my DeviantArt online gallery where I will sell prints in a variety of sizes, both with and without frames.
What are some of your favorite Etsy shops?

Stevie: My mom's (Raven Phoenix Studios and Every Witch Way) and my sister's (Beadiful Baubles) top the list right now.  I like Sassy Steampunk, Vampire Goth Chick, Water Flowing West, Decadent Delusion, and Black Friday Studios are some fun ones as well. 
What do you like to do when you are not creating?

Stevie: I like reading, and sometimes watching a movie or TV show.  I'm a college student so much of my time is devoted to studying.  

If you had any superpower, what would it be? Would you use it for good or evil?

Stevie: Oh, wow, haven't thought about it for a while.  If I could have any superpower, I think it'd be the ability to control matter.  I wouldn't use it for evil, I'm too nice for that.  I'd definitely use it for good.  I think it might help alleviate boredom....  

Orange Flower Print from Stevie'sScratchpad

With Halloween just around the corner, any thoughts or great Halloween memories that you’d like to share?

Stevie: I remember one Halloween I went over to my friend's house to watch scary movies.  I'm a wimp when it comes to scary movies, even though my favorite TV show is a horror show.  I was essentially freaking out all night, and she just laughed and laughed at me.  I love seeing my nieces in their costumes, too.

I say be careful!!  Have fun!!  Make good memories!

Excellent advice, Stevie! Wonderful items too. Many thanks for letting up drop by and pick your brains.  (mmm...braiiiins) Hey, you zombies, settle down back there! No, you may not eat the readers - sheesh.....

Guys, step away from the drooling monsters & come check this out. On 10/20 one random reader is going to get a special treat from Stevie's Scratch Pad - a 5" x 7" print of the skull drawing featured at the top of this post. How cool is that ?! 

To enter the random drawing, just leave a comment on this blog before 1 a.m. (EST) on October 20th. Prize ships free worldwide.  Thanks for commenting, by the way - the featured artists (& I) really appreciate the feedback. Plus it is your ongoing interest that keeps the giveaways coming.

'Till next time, hope you have a creative day... and watch out for the ghouls lurking around the corner.


  1. Seriously good interview :) I lived that same Alice movie. It has definitely left an impression on me as well. Thanks for the article Stacy!

  2. Very god interview. I have become interested in mixed media. This way I can incorporate my own ,paintings and drawings with other paper.text etc. and still have the work feel like a painting.

  3. Wow, great inteview. And here I thought I knew my kid LOL. Yes, proud mom here of a very talented woman. Thank you, Stacey, for inteviewing her and giving me a glimpse of her mind :-).

  4. Can relate to Stevie's comments about black and white; I find it so much more interesting to create, prolly not as interesting to the viewer. I'm still in love with graphite, tho. But for the reasons I state, I don't do it for others. It's purely a gratification exercise for me. Great interview Stacey, love Stevie's creativity!!

  5. You are very creative Stevie! Keep up the good work! Awesome interview!
    You inspire the artist in all of us!

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    I really like her style.

    Keep up the good work!

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