I'd Rather Be The Wolf

Haven't had much time to play this week but wanted to post my (unfinished) digital doodle for Illustration Friday's challenge "Vocal" before they roll out the new prompt in a few hours.

I was banging around hitRECord last weekend & stumbled on this brilliant little earworm, I'd Rather Be The Wolf, from ppeppina & pamagotchi. You'll have to click through & hit play (sadly I don't see a way to embed) but it is well worth it, so please do have a listen: hitRECord.org/records/723671

Are you new to hitRECord.org? It is a wonderful concept from Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Basically it is a giant mass of collaborative goo. Share &  riff off of what everyone else is doing. Anyone can contribute anything... so you have writers inspiring artist inspiring musicians inspiring animators inspiring...well you get the idea. Lots of fun stuff to be found, although sometimes you have to dig a little for it.

That said this work in progress, while still too-muddy, is a funky fusion of I.F.'s prompt "vocal" + the I'd Rather Be The Wolf tune (must....go...listen), my Red's Winter Walk collage,

Red's Winter Walk

+ Drakavai's Werewolf Morph 

Werewolf morph from Drakavai on HitRECord

I always feel awkward about sharing unfinished pieces. This one needs detail work, mostly highlighting I think. But since there are never enough hours in a day, I'll probably just upload to hitRECord & see if anyone else gets any ideas. (Personally, it inspires me to save my pennies for a Wacom Intous since I am finding my sticky mouse really tedious lately).

Before I go, here is link to a fun bit of animation by Ranouse that was based on P&P's wonderful tune - http://www.hitrecord.org/records/727444

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