Illustration Friday - Heights

1987 doodle - recycled for IF

Deep into the studio de-stash this week, so no time for a new IllustrationFriday doodle. This week's  prompt is "heights". Here is a scribble from a comics class (I mostly slept through) in 1987. wow -  amazing how much life has happened since then. Be sure to visit the IF site to check out some more interesting interpretations of the challenge. If you are feeling inspired, grab some paper (or mouse)  & remember to share.


Just for kicks, here's a crop of a self portrait from the same class. 

Why on earth do I still have this junk? Gotta tell you: it is feeling pretty good tossing out all kinds of old baggage this week. But it sure takes a lot of time (I have a lot of stuff- haha). 

De-cluttering, family & work have been keeping me busy. I am looking at probably another week or 2 of digging deep (I am tempted to rent a dumpster). Then maybe I will be able to use my creative space for something besides digital-art!

Pathfinders Flying Pig Automata Kit

The Dude was home sick from school today, so between naps and coughing jags we put together a fun wooden Flying Pig automata from Pathfinders. I'll post a pic later this weekend once the boy gets it painted. A fun project for kids (& grown up kids). 

What are you up to the next few days? What ever it is, I hope you have a grand time! Best wishes for a wonder-filled weekend.


  1. Cute piggy. Cleaning and clearing is cathartic, so good job. 5 years ago, we had a flood in our storage area and that pretty much wiped out my archives. I was most sad about losing my modeling portfolio, which probably means I'm a shallow person.

  2. You have a terrific weekend too!
    Love the flying pig and your drawing is so fun. Definitely see the comic book influence.
    Hugging you

  3. I envy your ability to destash Stacey... how do you part with all the treasures?