Making faux silver gelatin prints in PE9

WIP - untitled faux silver gelatin print 
I am having too much fun tweaking my old photos! Love finding a use for all of the mediocre images I've shot over the years. Below is the original taken in Rome around 2003 (pretty sure it is inside Santa Maria Del Popolo - I'll dig around & confirm in a day or 2) . It was intended to be a resource for a painting I have yet to make.

photo taken inside Santa Maria Del Popolo 2003

I am really happy with the altered version at the top of this post. Hmm... I think I feel a classical series coming on....

Thanks again to the talented Susan Tuttle for sharing her knowledge. If you want some guidance with Photoshop Elements, she is the first teacher I would recommend.

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  1. That is a super cool tool and what a gorgeous monument.