Musical Monday plus Oddz & Endz

Still listening to Goyte this week.  

New postcard. Giving PrintRunner.com a first go at these. They are also reprinting some older cards - I'll let you know how they come out.

5 x 7 postcard

Tomorrow there is paint stripping, acid spraying & other messy stuff - woo hoo -  should go well with the new Marilyn Manson. I'm playing with some (slightly) dark fairy tale stuff this week which will be aided by his blaring tunes. 

Assorted tinkerings are under wraps just now, but I'll share soon.  In the meantime here I am, as a last minute-Hephaestus with my buddy Zeus. Not exactly flattering - we were jumped by the local paparazzi while preparing for last week's book launch

What have you been up to lately? Seems like the family & I spent most of April in the garden - very refreshing! Now we are enjoying the fruits, veg. & herbs of our labors. Pinterest has been a great help for reorganizing my recipe clippings - I'm even making some of the saved dishes, instead of forgetting about them like I did when they were in the magazines. 

Well, have to run. Need to tuck a kid back into bed (again) & off to catch a couple of episodes of  Lilyhammer before the day is out. Take care. Have a fantastic week! Will catch up again soon.


  1. Love the card. Have a great day. I have been listening to Gotye too