Musical Monday - Paris Dreams

I got a package this weekend

that had me digging through dusty cds. Had an urge to listen to this Cole Porter cover. (Please don't judge by the photos in this slideshow - 'twas the clearest sound I could find for sharing)

Last month while visiting the wonderful blog StarryNightImpressions I entered a random drawing.

A number of lovely items were given out. Lucky lady that I am, I won a fun Paris collage made by StarryDeb herself:

I have never been to Paris but always enjoy window shopping over at starrydeborah.etsy.com and other spots with a French vibe.

By the way, did you know that if you visit Etsy's Geolocator you can search for handmade & vintage items by seller location? There is some great stuff coming out of Paris right now!

Know what else is cool? Just found out there is a chance I may visit the City of Lights later this year. Probably will only be for a couple days & I'll be traveling with a child. If anyone has suggestions for "must-see" or places to stay, please comment. I can find my way around many places but am a newbie when it comes to France.

Coincidentally, today's Mixed Media Monday prompt is Marie Antoinette. If you're a fan, jump over there & peruse the fun interpretations. Better yet if you have some Marie-inspired creations, pop on over & leave a link.

Back to the topic of Musical Monday, Diane is taking a break so Screaming Mimi is hosting today. Again, click through & play along if you have the time.
And finally- if you haven't yet entered the random drawing for Tortuga Tile Works Dios de los Muertos Mosiac, click here to check it out & leave a comment.


  1. Nice collage from StarryDeborah. I have always admired her work. Congrats on winning Stacey!

  2. Thank you Stacey for the lovely blog post! I was so thrilled to have a fellow artist win the collage. Paris here you come!!!
    PS. thank you too QueenBe for those lovely words on your comment!

  3. Wonderful collage, love love love it!
    Congratulations on the lovely piece of art! Hugs!

  4. Love the collage you won!! Sweet!! We are going to Paris next spring. We are looking at apartments to rent. So much fun looking too!

  5. You are very lucky!!!!! Love it!

  6. That is just beautiful. What a fabulous win!ba

  7. Oh, I would just love to go to Paris! I hope you get to go! ;)

    Hope you had a great holiday weekend!