Odds & Ends

Hey there! How've you been?

Haven't been blogging (or creating, or listing..) as much as I'd like lately. Just been too busy with life, work & family stuff. Been writing some lively posts in my head but haven't had time to set them down so here are a few linkys instead:

Reworked another Polaroid transfer tile for the ArtSnark Shop. Since the 1st of this pair (now sold) was called The Messenger, I tried out a few other names. But "the courier" & "the gofer" just didn't have the same ring. (Although emissary & voortrekker sounded kind of cool). Click the tile for more info about piece & the process.

Early is the prompt from IllustrationFriday.com this week. Check it out when you get a chance - there's some fun work over there. Or add your own spin if you have the time.

I was thrilled to find this fantastic take on Early & Little Red through the Ill. Friday links today. It is from the blog of Australian illustrator Kathleen Jennings. She has some really fantastic line & action in her pieces. Visit her blog Tanaudel.wordpress.com for more wonderful illos. You can also click the image for a closeup & details.

Into Steampunk?

I've been lurking over at The Great Steampunk Debate 2010 . It started on May 1 & runs through June 30. What is it? From the debate site: "
The Great Steampunk Debate has been organized by those involved in the creation and maintenance of many of steampunk's magazines, websites, groups and communities for the purposes of exploring steampunk ideology...Here, you will find discussion on ideology, beliefs, politics, ethics, and how all of these things intersect with steampunk (if they, in fact, intersect at all)..."

I've also been kicking around over at Steampunk Empire. It is over at ning & is free but you have to sign up to be a member. I've been having a grand time checking out all the photos, running into some old acquaintances & meeting some fantastically creative folks.

There are a number of interesting discussions & groups. Some time in the Children's Literature discussion turned me onto The Invention of Hugo Cabret which I'm enjoying with my 6 yr old.

Well, that's enough rambling for now. Hope you have a fantastic day! But before you go, click here to read about LuRu, the ceramics artist behind Tortuga Tile Works & enter the 6/3 random drawing for her fun Dios de los Muertos Mosaic


  1. Thanks Stacey! Steampunk is so fascinating. Those groups and places sound fabulous. Going to have to visit.

  2. Interesting stuff, honey.... thanks everso for your generous comments on my blogs... really nice to see you visiting

  3. Hi Stacey, thanks for your lovely comment in my blog.
    Thanks also for all of this wonerful information, visiting your blog is always a fresh breeze of culture! :)

  4. Am I too late?
    I love your work!