Visit with ceramics artist LuRu + enter to win art from Tortuga TIle Works

Hey there. How have you been?

Did you make it by last Saturday for the photo tour of Tortuga Tile Works?

If not, click here to check out the backyard/garage studio of ceramics artist, Luru. Just remember to come back since LuRu has stopped by for a visit today.

This past weekend was the Grand Opening of Tortuga Tile Works on Etsy.com. You can also see more of LuRu's artwork over at her website, TortugaTileWorks.com. By the way, clicking on the tile photos throughout this post will take you to more information on each piece. All photos are courtesy of Tortuga Tile Works

LuRu works mainly in tile and mosaics. She carves, casts, fires & glazes her pieces in her Hollywood, Florida studio. She kindly took a few minutes today to share some more information about herself and her art. So this is the part where I make myself scarce - I'll go make us some sandwiches or something....

LuRu: I have been creating ceramic work since 1992. I earned a BFA in Ceramics from the Ohio State University in 1995. In the beginning of my career I predominantly made large scale figurative sculpture. Increasingly, I began incorporating more materials into my works. This mixed media direction led me to pursue a masters degree in Sculpture rather than Ceramics.

LuRu: While in graduate school I explored metal fabrication, casting, textiles and video. After earning my MFA degree in 2004, I worked as an adjunct professor at Baton Rouge Community College and as the Special Events Coordinator at the Baton Rouge Gallery CCA. Although I enjoyed teaching art appreciation, sculpture and design classes, I found the event position more interesting.

LuRu: Upon moving to Florida in 2006 I continued my career in the event industry. I spent four years designing city wide and corporate events. Although creating decor schemes was akin to large scale installation art, I left the industry to return to my own art.

LuRu: More specifically I've returned with renewed vigor to ceramics and started my artisan tile company, Tortuga Tile Works.

LuRu: I am attracted to tiles because of their ornamental quality. In addition the press molding process allows for a large quantity to be produced economically.

LuRu: The collections thus far have been influenced by my experiences and interests. The Tiki Atoll, Atomic and Chance collections are a reflection of my lifestyle which is heavily steeped in poly-pop, mid-century and retro trappings.

LuRu: The idealized escapism of tiki mixed with the exotic raucousness of rockabilly is incorporated into these works.


LuRu: I was introduced to the traditions of Dios de los Muertos during my undergraduate years while studying in Mexico. The balance of the life and death cycle and the honoring of deceased relatives appealed to my sensibility. I have created altars throughout the years for my departed grandparents. The Death Head collection is my tribute to these cultural conventions .

Thank you, LuRu, for stopping by today to share about yourself and your creations. And thanks for sponsoring the new Thursday Giveaway!

What's the new prize? It is the eye-catching piece at the top of this post, the Ma & Pa Death Head Double Portrait. This fun mosaic is mounted on luan with felt. With hanging hardware on the back, it is ready for display. This piece measures 10.5"H x 12"W. It is item #DHM 11 on the TortugaTileWorks website and normally sells for $65 (+ tax and shipping). Prize ships free to winner. However, this random drawing is open to USA residents only.

Want To Enter? 1 lucky winner will be randomly selected from comments left on this blog over the next 2 weeks. So be sure to leave yours before 1 a.m. (EST) on 6/3. Please add an email address if it isn't already in your blog profile.

Thanks so much for stopping by today. I hope you have a wonderful & creative week!

Where else can you find Tortuga Tile Works?


In June LuRu will be vending at:

The Hukilau, Bahia Mar, Ft Lauderdale, FL (6/10 - 6/13)
Ohana-Luau at the Lake, Tiki Motor Inn, Lake George, NY (6/25- 6/27)


  1. Very cool work! Love the mermaid pieces in particular.

  2. Her large scale works are awesome. I am really drawn to them. Great tour!!

  3. So much fun in these pieces. I found myself laughing out loud!

  4. These are such neat pieces!

  5. Love your work, thanks for sharing LuRu with us Artsnark!

  6. So glad to hear that LuRu gave "it" up to follow her heart. I wish I'd had the nerve. I'm sure having fun now though, and there will come a day when I can devote so much more time to what really gives me a buzz!

    Awesome pieces!

  7. Seeing them on your screen is one thing. To hold one and truly grasp the artistry is another. You must become a patron of her art and only then will you become fully human.

  8. Oh, how interesting!!! I love your work and would be one happy woman if I should win! However, I am grateful to have just seen your work online.

  9. Gorgeous work! I love the tabletop!

  10. Oh fantastic artwork! Funny I just bought a day of the dead clay piece while on vacation in Sante Fe. Wouldn't I just LOVE to add this to the "collection"...you bet! Thanks for introducing LaRu's work.
    Doreen aka LuniLadi

  11. I love your work and would love to own a piece. Thanks for the opportunity - sure hope I'm the lucky one.

  12. It is always interesting to learn about the artist behind the work. Thank you for sharing.

  13. I am also intrigued with D of the D imagery..your work is wonderfully surreal!

  14. Stacey, what a wonderful interview.

    LuRu, I am totally in awe. It looks to me like you are having a fun time creating and following your heart. Your work is so original and I love the mix of cultural elements.

    Continued success, T. :)

  15. I love it, I born in Mexico, and is a tadition, to celebrate the dead day, we also put a lot of fun in this day, they said we laugh of the dead.

    greait pices!


  16. Is it too late to leave a comment? I would love to win this so awesome.

    RoxanneRhoads @ aol. com