Studio Tour Sneak Peeks + A Great Giveaway

Welcome back to another Studio Tour Saturday!
How have you been this week?

I'm mixing things up a little today. Inspired by the Summer 2010 issue of Cloth Paper Scissors Studios Magazine, we're taking a quick peek at a few different spaces today.

(First we'll revisit 2 painters previously featured here on ArtSnark's. Then a sneak peek of 2 upcoming tours. Then we'll end with an announcement for a new random drawing.)

I was very excited to check out this edition of CPS Studios. I love peeking "behind the curtain" and this magazine features 30 studios over 148 pages. Now that is a lot of eye-candy!!

Also, several artists I've met through Etsy (and other online artsy venues) shared their creative spaces in this fun summer issue. Two have been featured on this blog before - Click any photo to revisit their tours:

Last summer we dropped in on Pam Carriker.

She had just given her studio a makeover using paint, 1 new chair, and items she already owned throughout her home.

What is Pam up to now? Her article Making Time For Studio Time can be found in CPS Summer Studios 2010 along with more photos of her studio (pages 104 & 105). Pam is putting the final touches on her upcoming book, Art At The Speed Of Life. This is in addition to painting, writing magazine articles, conducting workshops & teaching online classes. She is 1 busy lady! To find out about all of her projects, visit pamcarriker.com. You can also purchase her art through PamCarriker.etsy.com

On Jan. 1 Jodi Ohl invited us into her new studio, the Sweet Retreat

She had just purchased her first house. With it came a wonderful room lined with many built in shelves - just perfect for an art studio!
Jodi likes to work on several pieces at a time and this room gives her the space to do that. Plus she can take a break without worrying about cluttering up the house with works in progress (she used to work on her dining room table).

So what has Jodi been up to lately?
She continues to publish articles and tutorials in various art & craft magazines. Jodi shares her creative space on pages 131 & 132 of the new CPS studios. This year she has been very busy teaching workshops and online classes, as well as vending at Art Fairs. And all the while she is still creating! Read about Jodi's current projects on her blog
sweetrepeats.blogspot.com. You can also see her art at her etsy shop, LucySweetLucy.

Now For Some Sneaky Peekies!

Both of these artists are in the new CPS Studios. The photos shown here are not from that magazine. They have been provided by the artists. I look forward to featuring both of these wonderful ladies on this blog later this summer.

Risa Tritabaugh is thrilled to posses a separate studio space after years of creating wherever she could around the house.

It is located in an artist filled building near her home. Easy to get to, but far enough away that she can set her cares aside and concentrate on her colorful pieces. Click on the photos to visit her blog,

In July Risa will take us on a larger photo tour of her vibrant space. Until then you can see more of her studio on pages 118 & 119 in CPS Studios. And if you find yourself in St Paul, MN on the 1st Friday of any month, visit her studio during the open studio events held in lower St Paul. (visit her blog for details).

KC Willis new she needed a bigger space when she stumbled upon the house that would become Lipstick Ranch.

Lipstick ranch houses an art gallery, studios and workshop rooms. It even has a relaxing sun porch
where KC can let her imagination wander. Take a peek inside her wonderful bungalow. It has such charisma!

KC's artwork is full of lush layers that evoke a feeling of history... and mystery.

Being Bernhardt by KC Willis

Her studio gives off that same intriguing vibe of years gone by.

I look forward to featuring KC later this summer & hope you will join me for her studio tour. In the meantime, you can read about Lipstick Ranch on pages 95 - 98 of the current CPS Studios. Find out more about her workshops at collagecamp.ning.com. Take a look around her website lipstickranch.com to learn about her artwork as well as classes & Collage Camp dvds.

There are many more artists & creative spaces in the current issue of CPS Studios. If you love going behind the scenes, I recommend tracking down a copy. You can find it at bookstores & craft shops, as well as on the Cloth Paper Scissors website.

Want to win a free copy?

I picked up an extra one the other day which I will ship to 1 lucky winner. Leave a comment on this blog before 1 a.m. on 6/5 to enter this random drawing. Please make sure to leave an email (if it isn't in your blog profile). This random drawing is open worldwide. Prize ships free to winner.

Thanks for popping by today. It has been a lot of fun! And thank you to all of the artist who open up their world to give the rest of us a peek at where they work their magic!

By the way have you entered next Thursday's drawing for a Mosaic from Tortuga Tile Works? Click here for details & photo of this colorful prize.


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  27. Great post and so glad you featured KC; wonderfully talented artist and all 'round truly nice woman. She's doing a two day September workshop here at Thistle Cove Farm and we're all over that!
    Thanks for introducing me to the other artists as well and for the opportunity to win this issue of CPS Studio. It's more than a 120 mile round trip auto ride for me to buy a copy so the chance to win one is grand.

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