Enter to win a copy of They Draw And Cook, The Book! - ends 3/15

They Draw & Cook, the cookbook 

I Love Love Love this cookbook!

They Draw And Cook - 107 Recipes Illustrated by Artists from Around the World is two pounds of belly busting eye-candy. Yes, I weighed it, couldn't resist its tantalizing heft. Eclectic recipes and vibrant art are bound together in one colorful compendium.  Seriously now, how cool is that ?! Even better ..... later in this post you will get a chance to enter the random drawing for a free copy of this taste-filled tome.

Chicken with Olives, Figs and Balsamic Vinegar by Sharon Wagner

Last year I followed an artist's link from IllustrationFriday.com to their creative contribution over at the TheyDrawAndCook.com. I had so much fun scrolling though the variety of styles and foods on the site. It is a truly wonder-filled space if you like your cookbooks with a splash of personality.  TDAC has really grown since then, with tons going on.... but more about that later - first a little background:

The website and book creators, Nate Padavick & Salli Swindwell are siblings & illustrators who have been designing together for over a decade. Their work has appeared in a variety of print media. The spark behind TDAC ignited during a family vacation: "Nate was trying to recreate a favorite dish - fettuccine with figs in a balsamic butter sauce - while Salli sat at the counter with her watercolors painting the crate of figs. This led them to realize how fun it was to illustrate food. They then started talking about creating a little recipe book for friends, family, and clients. They asked some of their artist pals to help, but never got enough recipes to justify printing a book, so Nate built a quick blog and Salli started to spread the word - it spread fast! They Draw & Cook now contains the biggest and best collection of illustrated recipes anywhere."

Red Velvet Cookies by Jennifer Weber

Please note: you can click on any of the captions in the recipes featured here - the title takes you to the recipe at TDAC & the contributor's name takes you to the artist's website.

In the last year TDAC has taken off.  Anyone can still submit their creations - whether illustrations, recipes, or both. Someone with a hungry eye (or tummy) can spend hours absorbing the colorful fun. Feeling Famished? There is also a speedy search function which goes beyond looking for a specific recipe; a bit of typing or checking a few boxes lets you search by ingredient for some tasty inspirations. There is also a great blog, a shop ... plus an ever changing map that marks the locations of the global participants.

TDAC  map of chefs & illustrators

And let's not forget "Dial-a-Dinner" - a recipe slot machine for foodies who desire a little extra-spicy  random action.

yes, it does continue....

There is also a delightful sister project They Draw and Travel. However that adventure deserves a whole post to itself, so back the giveaway:

How can you win a copy of this gustatory guidebook, They Draw & Cook?   It is easy peasy!  

Simple leave a comment on my blog in the next two weeks and your name goes into the chef's hat. Please leave an email address (if it is not in your profile) so that I can reach you if you win.

Want a second entry? Just pop over to TDAC and return here with the title of a favorite recipe that tempts your senses.

You have until 1 a.m. (EST) to enter. Later that day I will randomly select and announce one lucky winner. Prize ships free worldwide. 

Watermelon Soup by Emilia Dziubak

Just a wee bit more before I go... while I have not been compensated to provide this promotion, I want to mention that last summer I won an advance copy of this cookbook in TDAC's Facebook drawing. I'd enjoyed visiting the site for a while and was absolutely thrilled to win. When I mentioned to Nate that I would love to host a giveaway, he generously sent over a copy once it printed. But, slacker that I am, it has taken me this long to share it with to you. (Yes I deserve 20 lashes with a wet - but beautifully drawn - noodle). 

Fideau by Alexandre Aldeguer

By the way, have you signed up for the TDAC emails yet?

If you enjoy the site & concept, I highly recommend you click here. Nate & Salli regularly send updates on their rapidly spreading creative endeavors. These updates arrived today. Click the links for more info:

"$7,000 KRAFT RECIPE CONTEST  The deadline for entries into this contest is March 25, so you have plenty of time! Click here for details. (While anyone can submit a recipe, only US Residents are eligible for winning this contest....sorrrrry everyone else!)

THE TDAC LIBRARY  We've updated the TDAC Library with a fresh batch of books illustrated by TDAC Artists! Kids can never have too many books, right?!

STUFF WE LOVE  We love the recipes in this cookbook: Plenty: Vibrant Recipes by Yotam Ottolenghi. We love Lucile Prache's delicious Etsy site: LucilesKitchen. We love Geninne Zlatkis' blog: Geninne's Art Blog.

TDAT GETAWAY GUIDES  Over on They Draw & Travel we just launched something new: TDAT Getaway Guides. The 1st one is dedicated to Big Sur, California and is loaded with fun photos, great recommendations, and, of course, an illustrated map. Sign up for the TDAT Newsletter to receive the next Getaway Guide: Barcelona!

DID YOU KNOW  You can now dig through a thumbnail archive of all our past Featured Collections? It's a super fun way to quickly scan some of the best recipes on TDAC. Take a peak!

Thanks everyone! Happy drawing and yummy cooking from Nate & Salli!"


  1. I actually bought this book for my brother. He happens to be and artist and a chef. I'd love to win a copy for myself! I like the sounds of "Eliza's Somewhat Famous Veggie Quiche" from the TDAC sight. My email is pepin909@hotmail.com. *crossing my fingers*

  2. I have not heard of this book. How cool!!
    Definitely count me in

  3. Hello!!
    I'd love to have a copy! :)
    My e-mail is vasoula_karioti@yahoo.gr

    thank u!

  4. oh my gosh please pick me! Love TDAC and hope to join in the fun and contribute a recipe drawing soon!

  5. everything Alena Sweetpirat makes!

  6. I've had several illustrations on the TDAC site myself, but have not yet got the book- would love to have it though. Please pop me into the chef's hat!
    My email is jeanc@xs4all.nl (that's in the Netherlands, Europe)

    Love Jean

  7. This is amazing! I'd LOVE to have a copy.


  8. Sounds and looks like a great book! I've been doing alot of cooking lately since i am out of work. I am going to check out their blog and FB page

  9. That is the coolest cookbook I've seen yet! I'd love to add this to my collection of cool cookbooks. ;)

  10. Oh, yes, yes, yes....count me in. I have tons of cookbooks, but not one of them sounds as cool as this one!!

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  12. Wow, what a really creative cookbook! I've had many cookbooks over the years but none like this one! Please enter me. Thanks.

  13. This actually looks....FUN. And I am the worst cook in the entire world. So any cookbook that makes recipes fun and exciting is so worth the investment :) of course, winning one might guilt me into actually trying them instead of just staring and dreaming!!!

  14. This looks such fun. I love new books and the chicken and figs sounds delicious


  15. I would love to win this fun book!

  16. i'm new at the etsy mixed media art team and saw your blog in a thread there. i'm so glad i did! what an awesome idea for a cookbook! now i'm off to have a look at the rest of your blog...:)