Music Monday - its all about the art

Ready for some Musical Monday? I have been humming Crash Test Dummies "When I Go Out With Artists" for the last 2 days. It kept tumbling around in my head as I walked the 42nd annual Gasparilla Festival of the Arts  on Sunday. I always enjoy this juried show - the almost $75,000 in prize money (& possibilities of some good sales) draws an interesting mix of artists & artisans. 

It was great fun scoping out the booths with Holly Hancock (from BeautyAndTheBeads.etsy.com & ebeads.com), K.C.Bird (from BirdNestSupplyShop.etsy.com), Allison Barkley (ThatGirlAllie.com) & Greg Hilferding.  I always enjoy these shows more when traveling whith creative folks. Each has their own specialty and eye for details that I may have otherwise overlooked. This year we were checking out the jewelry  much more closely than I would have on my own. I think I came away with a new appreciation for what goes into the crafting of unique ornamental accessories.

I'd hoped to share some of my faves & the few pieces I blew my budget on today... but a non-sleeping kiddo, plus a drawing that has been clawing at the edges of my spinal column for days, are calling. Will share the goodies later this week - promise.


Looking for some more ear-candy today? Pop over to Xmas Dolly's for the Musical Monday blog hop and catch what everyone else is listening to today. Feel free to link to your own tunes while you are there.

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  1. What a great song! And perfect one to be bouncing around your head as you walked through the Festival of Arts. ;) I'm looking forward to seeing what you blew your budget on - and the clawing drawing. :) I can also empathize with the non-sleeping kiddo mode...my 4 year old is driving me crazy with that! :)

    Thanks for playing along with us again - your link looped you right back to Xmas Dolly, but I knew how to hunt you down...I mean, find you. ;) I added an extra link marked 'correct link' to the linky so you can get proper visits. ;) Have a great week! :)

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  2. Hi Stacey: I've awarded you The Versatile Blogger award because you regularly share a comprehensive conglomeration of great artsy crafty stuff. Visit my blog, http://www.hollandpaper.blogspot.com , for details and to get your banner. If you have problems, let me know and I'll email the banner as an attachment. Congrats and see you around.

  3. I have not heard this tune before. It has a real beat,doesn't it? I mean, it sets my body to booging in my chair while I read and type. What new treasures did you walk away with from the festival? That'll be a post worth seeing. Thanks for linking up and sharing!

  4. Ooo!! Can't wait to see what you acquired.

  5. I'm looking forward to those photos as well. I almost thought I was going to get to go this year, but this weekend was slammed. My hubby getting called in to work was just the cherry on top. Guess there's always next year!

  6. Hey girl, am going to listen to that song now...and that art festival oh it looks wonderful...loved your words about the art piece clawing at the edges of your spinal column...wow....