Illustration Friday - Intention

Intention (Work In Progress)
It is always with the best intentions that the worst work is done. 
- Oscar Wilde

A quickie scan of my unfinished entry for last week's IllustrationFriday.com prompt, Intention.  I intend to finish it one of these days - but it has quite a way to go yet. Also inspired in part by this Lyle Lovette earworm  ... scroll forward to the 1:111 min. mark  for a listen.


  1. I'm a jewelry designer and when you put the clasp on, it's done! How do you decide when a painting is finished?

  2. Sometimes it just feels right. Other times I just walk away for a while & try to catch it with a fresh eye - then play again if still feels "off". And then there are the (many) times I just say "bah- it's done" because I'll never be happy & need to stop overworking it

  3. I think a painting is done when it tells you it is.. and the best work is that which creates itself.

    Sometimes I have to walk away for days or weeks before I know what is needed.

    I'm sure that this piece will tell you what it needs Stacey. :o)