playing with family photos

the guys (2004) before
Playing around with some inferior family photos last night. I got rid of the chair on the upper left & with hints from Susan Tuttle's Toy Camera Effects class gave the whole thing a senior photo-type vibe. 

the guys (2004) after

The lesson was for more of a "Diana" camera effect, but I didn't pick the right photo for that look... So I decided to go for a mid-80's over lit, furry "awww" feeling.  I could have done a better job hiding the chair & the hat is wayyy to hot, (note to self, fix hot spots 1st next time) but it was a lot of fun to play with.


  1. That is so cool. I love the way you've made the chair vanish and I'm guessing I like it so much because I'm an eighties child! ;o)

  2. Clever thing...I couldn't make a chair disappear!...need you around here to give me some hints...