Visit with Chris O's Creations + Enter Jewelry Giveaway

Set of 2 personalized wrapped crochet bracelets (mix & match) from ChrisO'sCreations

One thing I love about Etsy.com is meeting artisans from around the globe. Today we are visiting with  Chris Only from ChrisO's Creations on etsy. She's popping over from Athens, Greece to share her her thoughts and creations .... and she's brought prizes! 


But first let's enjoy a chat. Please note that clicking the captions below the photos will open a new window with more details about the piece.

Hi Chris. Thanks for stopping in today.

CO: Hi all! I'm Christine and I love crafts. I'm a university student (I hope not for very long). When I have free time i mix colors and materials! Crafts are my sanctuary since I remember myself. I barely make the same piece twice. I don't know, I just like variety. Every piece I create is part of my soul. 

Carnelian Tree of Life soft leather bracelet from ChrisO'sCreations

When did you first become interested in art, jewelry design & crafting your own items?

CO: I can't remember myself as being idle, I was always messing around, colors, pastels, sketching and so many other things. I designed my first pair of earrings 10 years ago, I just couldn't find the perfect dark blue pair for my dress and that was the beginning, since then I've been experimenting and trying new techniques.

Earrings with Flourite beads & guitar chord discs from ChrisO'sCreations

What are your favorite materials & why?

CO: I like working with polymer clay and semi-precious stones. I like transforming the clay as I work. As for the semi-precious stones I like their feeling when i have them in my hands, a little heavy and cold.

Gothic Black Rose Necklace (polymer clay & hematite beads) from ChrisO'sCreations

Where do you find inspiration?

CO: Everywhere. Life, nature, music , colors, fairy-tales, everything can be inspiring! 

Tree of Life soft brown suede leather bracelet from ChrisO'sCreations

What is the last book you read?

CO: The last book I read was The Halfling's Gem by R.A.Salvatore, just amazing!

Do you listen to anything while creating?

CO: Almost always. I usually listen to Blind Guardian & Grave Digger and recently Amorphis as well.

In your Etsy shop, you have a lovely mix of hand-crafted pieces at very reasonable prices 

CO: The prices of my creations do not reflect the quality of the materials I use. I just want everyone to be able to enjoy my creations. As a student there are many times I hesitate to buy something because of its price, so I want my creations to be more approachable.

Handmade polymer clay one of a kind buttons from ChrisO'sCreations

How long have you been selling your creations? Any advice for sellers new to Etsy.com?

CO: Let me think, almost 10 years, but only the last 7 months at Etsy. I'm not the best person for advice... just be yourself :-)

this photo © Pelagos Institute

I see that you that you donate 100% of the profits from some of your listings to a favorite environmental cause.

I support the PELAGOS - "ΠΕΛΑΓΟΣ" Cetacean Research Institute (www.pelagosinstitute.gr), a scientific non-profit NGO for the conservation of Mediterranean whales and dolphins. Some items, such as this Set of 2 beautiful black wrap crochet friendship bracelets with handmade polymer clay beads have 100% of the sale going to this important cause.

Set of 2 friendship bracelets with handmade polymer clay beads 

What do you like to do when you are not creating?

CO: A little bit of everything! Long walks, cooking (actually, I think I create chaos in the kitchen rather than cook ), watching movies with my boyfriend and other relaxing things.

Chris, thanks so much for sharing your lovely pieces with us today! And thank you for sponsoring the new giveaway... 

Christine has brought by some fabulous bracelets for one very lucky winner! Ready for the details?

Prizes include this Autumn-Colored Hand Painted Leather Cuff, designed with pyrography- click here for more photos & info about this piece

Autumn cuff front
& back

PLUS a mix & match set of 2 boho wrap friendship bracelets (like the ones in the photo at the top of the post). Winner chooses which 2 colors to take home. Click for details & more photos of sets

And all these goodies are for 1 very lucky winner!! So, how can you enter? 

Simply leave a comment on this blog before 1 a.m. (EST) on 4/5 to get your name in the hat (actually random.org). If your contact info is not in your profile, please leave an email address. This random drawing is open worldwide with free shipping to the winner.

Want to see more of Chris O's wonderful work? 

Thanks for taking the time to leave your thoughts. Your interest keeps the giveaways coming! Also, many featured artists & artisans have told me just how much your comments mean to them. Getting feedback from friends & strangers can be very encouraging, as well as provide some important ideas to push the envelope further.


Before you go today, I am also hosting another random drawing for PrintRunner.com . They are giving away 100 custom printed postcards to one lucky (USA only) winner. Click Here for details.


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    I love it that you are helping support whales and dolphins. They are such graceful, good-hearted, and so very soulfully intelligent creatures. Notice how they never kill any of us, but rather beach themselves perhaps in protest to what we are doing to their environment, maybe like Tibetan monks self-immolating? Oops. A bit OT. So sorry if I offended anyone. I just adore cetaceans. Too bad I hate to swim or I'd have a different career...

    The bracelets are lovely but I can't wear them, so I shouldn't really be included in the giveaway. Except if I win, I can re-giveaway, which would be fun if I could figure out how to do it!

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