Musical Monday - all about the ladies

Medusa or A Woman Scorned

Fave female songstress is the new Musical Monday prompt.

time traveler - early 90s self portrait

Never really thought about it, but I generally listen to the dudes

When I roll into auto-play creative mode
worn out

Dido pops up more than the other ladies in the itunes

Veiled Dreamer

So, what are you listening to today? Want to catch some more hip-chicks? Pop on over to Xmas Dolly's musical hop. Have a listen & share your own. 



  1. Great Choice!!
    Have a wonderful week!!

  2. I use to prefer a male voice, but then I got really into Natalie Merchant and that opened a whole new world to me. I'm a big Sarah Harmon, Shirley Manson, Louise Post, Gwen Stefani and Alana Davis fan and I do really like... Adele and Kelly Clarkson. I can't help it! Can't get into the Deschanel girl though.

  3. My musical education continues I have never heard these two, but I especially like the second one does sound a tad familiar. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day,.

  4. I love Dido! Music inspires some of my work too. Your pieces are great, have a wonderful week!

  5. I love these videos and art. Very interesting.

    Thanks for sharing and enjoy the rest of your week.

  6. Love the pick. You so ROCK! Have a great day

  7. Your art (which I love by the way) goes terrific with a great choice for the musical selections.
    ~Naila Moon


  8. Loving your veiled dreamer, beautiful.