21 day photo challenge: Days 1 & Day 2

pink rose close up 

Looking to stimulate the senses? Pop over to the Elle Moss Photography blog this month for the 21 Day Photography Challenge. Get your daily dose of eye-candy and perhaps some inspiration.

The first prompt (yesterday) was favorite color. Mine changes often and this lovely rose caught my eye today... so here we are. Enjoy additional vibrant hues over at the Elle Moss Day 1 post.

falling leaves closeup

Today's challenge is TreesSome trivia: the rose pic was taken with a basic digital camera & for kicks the leaves were shot with an old-school disposable film camera.

Want a sneak peak of future prompts? Visit  this link and play along if you have the time.  Think you are too busy? No need to post every day - just share when you can. C'mon - join in - it will be fun!


  1. I do a photo-a-day thing, but it's usually just whatever I happen to snap with my crappy camera phone that day! Your photos are amazing. =)

  2. Beautiful photos!! Love the flowers..so fresh and the color is amazing

  3. Love the falling leaes :-)

  4. Beautiful leaves - I love the glowing yellows and greens.