Day 10 - Favorite places

 Hôtel Baudy, Giverny, France

Ooh - I fear I am starting to fall behind a bit on the 21 Elle Moss photography challenge. The prompt for day 10 is "favorite places" & have too many!

One answer would be a relaxing garden / cafe in Europe. So here is a photo from our family trip to Paris last year. For a Mother's Day gift, my husband & son sent me off on a day tour of Monet's colorful home, which included a side trip to the lovely Hôtel Baudy garden.

Click Here to see other folks favorite places. And here for a list of upcoming prompts. 


  1. Hi Stacey, LOVE that shot :)

    I might have to add that hotel to my "To Do" list :)

    Haven't been over to Elle's for a while I forgot all about this challenge :(

    Hope you are doing well, I love your leaf shot and your close up rose and rainbow too! :) Cheers, T.

  2. Wow! I am totally jealous!! How fantastic