Days 19 & 20 of 21 day photo challenge

more cherries

The 2012 Elle Moss Photography Challenge is almost at end. Posting another twofer today:

Yesterday's prompt was What's In Your Bag? In my case - more cherries! Now I have too many (is even possible?) so debating between cherry mojitos or clafoutis .... or maybe I'll just pick up another bag and make both!

cups & saucers
Day 20 is all about Symmetry. Okay, I'm cheating here. In the debate between accuracy & silliness, whimsy wins out every time. These 2 emulsion transfers are from the same slide but I let them ooze & flow a bit for fun. I just love the things you can stumble upon if you keep your eyes open, like this alien saucer visual pun. 

While I have enjoyed playing with these photos & viewing other peoples imaginative takes on the prompts, the best part of the 21 day challenge has been keeping my eyes open - every day!

Sometimes we all need a kick in the pants to remind ourselves to really look.... and actually see what is right before us. At least I know that I do. 

This has been great fun! One day left - see you tomorrow.

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  1. Great job as always! Timing was bad for me so I only got to a few of the challenges - they popped up too quickly for me! Hope you had (are having) a great long weekend.