Day 9 grass

lemon grass

Lemon grass is one of my favorites in the garden. Tasty, attractive & and so easy to grow... did I say tasty?  It is also a great place to hide - cats, snakes and the stray wiffle ball have disappeared indefinitely into the clumps in my backyard.

Here is another traditional b&w (although it might be fun to digitally color-up someday) for the Day 9 challenge "grass" over at Elle Moss Photography.  (On 2nd glance, I didn't like my submission for day 8 "dress", but I have some new ideas & will tackle it in the near future).

Are you participating in the 21 Day Photo challenge? Well, why not? It's a friendly gathering - just post when you can. You can find the prompts & look over everyone's pics at the Elle Moss blog.

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  1. Lemon grass, yum... My favorite Thai soup is chock full of lemon grass.