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The Illustration Friday prompt 'Faded' today brought to mind this anonymous line: "We can not realize beauty until it fades".... which leads me to the lovely wicked queen of Grimm's Snow White.

I recently had the pleasure of creating some new pieces for June's Poisoned Apples show at the FunHouse gallery in Detroit. The curator was familiar with my Red Riding Hood compulsion and asked me to submit some pieces for consideration. 

Over the Rive & through the woods

At first I had little interest as Snow White seem too pure... well, pure-ish... But then I slept on it. 

I am a movie junkie & the first film I saw on the big screen (at age 6) was Disney's Snow White  (I slept thru part 2 of the double feature- the Apple Dumpling Gang, maybe?). Next I  pulled up the previews for the  upcoming Snow White & The Huntsman flick.

 Charlize Theron's wonderful CGI dissolving blackbird cloak reminded me how that lovely evil queen twisted my elementary school dreams...

Charlize Theron as The Queen
Digging through dusty tomes I found my copy of the Grimm Bros.... and then the ideas rolled in...

Actually this mirror piece was great fun to make. I had a grand time distorting a perfectly innocent metal frame & abusing a once-picture-perfect mirror. 

1st stage of mirror-morphing

I won't lie - shipping it was a bear. Assuming it arrives intact I'll share my over-protective packaging secrets in the near future..... 

I'll also post the other 3-4 Snowy pieces that got accepted soon. In the meantime, are you looking for more IF inspired works? Click here to check'em out or add your own. 

And if you want to know more about the Michigan show & are on FB be sure to save this link - there are event updates every few days. 

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  1. I am so looking forward to the new Snow White film. Looks fun!
    Have a great weekend