Day 14 - three things

3 things

This morning I bought a mess of cherries with plans to shoot 3 things. The original plan was to photograph the fruits, some phyllo dough & a small mound of sugar...Then make a lovely stone-fruit tart, take a few shots (& a few bites) and post them with the recipe.

But... Monday got away from me, so here are a few pics I snapped for kicks during breakfast.

I considered labeling this post - "who ate the still life?"

By the way, the coffee was ravably amazing this a.m. - I returned from walking The Dude to school & Prince Charming had made a pot of Moonspell Craft's "coffee for vampires.... its got bite" . This was the organic Brazilian dark roast ... really hit the spot.

Moonspellcrafts owner Alura roasts her own beans & her coffee is fantastic! She is mid-move just now, but once she settles down I highly recommend adding her addicting brews to your morning stash.


  1. TY!!!! I'm glad you like it!
    (this is Vamp from Moonspell)