Musical Monday's Muse - Heartbreak PLUS Mixed Media Monday

Dang, That is a lot of Ms today!

Good Monday too you! Not trying to bring anybody down but Musical Monday's theme this week is Heartbreaker. Click the button to hear some more woeful tunes or add 1 of your own.

Got a workmate who is just too darn chipper for a Monday? Send them the link too ;-)

Worn Out

I notice that Maternal Spark is sporting a new look this week - very snazzy. Click through to find Monday's Muse, where the question is always "What's inspiring you this week?"

Originally I had a long fussy post about my Etsy Inventory Angst - toomuchstufftoadd&itisallsodifferentsowheretoputit - Blech!

But then I saw that Mixed Media Monday challenge today is Round , which is so much more fun than my whinging! So here's mine.

If you hold pendant up to your eye this is the view

Clicking on the either photo will take you to the pendant's Etsy listing . There you'll find photos from other angles & more info about the piece.

To see more cool circles or to add your own just visit the comments section of today's Mixed Media Monday post.

Also, if you'd like to enter this Thursday's Giveaway, just leave a comment. 1 random winner gets a package of craft supplies. Click HERE for list & photo of prize.


  1. OOOOooooo! Could we know how this is made?! It's lovely.

  2. My DH introduced me to Nick Drake when we started dating many moons ago. Pink Moon is my favorite.

    What a gorgeous pedant! Oddly, it's a nice match to your Nick Drake pic.

    Happy MM!

  3. tongue twister title! lol

    great song. that's some of my fave kind of music. plus, i kinda like it sad. :)

    your pendant is just gorgeous! and love 'worn out'. hell, i love all your work!!

    sorry to hear about your etsy woes. just take it a step at a time!!

    hope you're having a great day!

  4. Beautiful pendant!!! Love it!!
    Greetings on this beautiful Monday!

  5. New song for me. You are so talented. Have a great day.

  6. I've never heard of Nick Drake. The song is beautiful. I'm going to check out more of his music, thanks.

  7. Your pendant is so wonderful, love it.

  8. Great post, both the music and your art are wonderful! I especially love the pendant.

  9. Love this pendant. Love mine too. :o)

  10. Doh, the music stops playing when you click on comments... I was just getting into the heartbreak!
    Great pendant, most unusual and nice to have a bit of musical accompaniment. I'll click back and try again!

  11. Thanks for you kind comments.

    Indybev asked for more info. If you click either photo, you'll see the Etsy listing. It has more photos & details about the 3rd Eye pendant

  12. Amazing pendant. Great MMM project!

  13. Wonderful pendant! Thanks for participating in a Mixed Media Monday challenge - hope we see more of you. Diane

  14. oh- i love nick drake so much and his own personal story is a big heart breaker too.

  15. Love your 'round' art..I also like Nick Drake..I love Northern Sky..that is my fav. song. He has a dreamy voice

  16. I've never heard of him or this song, but what a beautiful voice!

  17. That is REALLY cool!