Musical Monday's Muse - wiggle & no

Butterfly/faerie tag front & back

Good Mourning Glory is adding prompts to Musical Monday. Today is "Makes Ya Wanna Dance"

Click the button above to hear what's got folks moving this Monday. Then add your own tune.

I've gotta go with Jaan Pehechaan Ho - always gets me wiggling, especially with the video.

Each Week, Maternal Spark asks what's your muse?
Today I'm going with "No".

In order to get more done, I've got to commit to less....kind of sounds weird but is too true. Instead of trying to keep up with the hectic pace that evolved this summer, I spent the last week saying "Sorry, no thank you" a lot. It was hard at 1st but I think it will be worth it.

I fear that the Muse gets even more annoyed with playing catch up than I do. Hope to knock out a few more overdue commitments (some fun, some not). Then reevaluate how I am using my time. For instance how useful is it to google saying "No in over 520 languages" ?

Hopefully then I'll clean the studio (for real this time!!!). It used to look like a bomb dropped. Now it looks like the border dwellers built their post-apocalyptic city on top of the rubble.... and then another bomb dropped.

In the meantime, here are some more tags for Queen Bee's swap. They were tea died and stamped (the text & butterfly outline stamps are from Judikins). And then watercolor pencils & ink were added.

yet another tag front & back

Hope to finish the last 2 tags tonight. But before that I need to go hike Mount Laundry, put away about a bazillion toy trains & reclaim the vacuum from the cobwebs......

By the way, there are 3 random drawings happening here this week:

To enter the 1st, just leave any comment on this blog before noon (EST) on 9/10.
1 piece customized jewelry from Etsy seller Jewelry By Solange

For the next 2 leave a comment stating how you would use each prize if you win.
500 custom business cards to 2 winners - ends 9/10
A 24" square custom wall sticker to 2 winners - ends 9/13


  1. Hi Stacey! Love those tags! I'm especially fond of the little fairy silhouette! Hope you are enjoying your holiday!


  2. I don't think I've ever seen tags that beautiful. ... And I love that wiggly music. It sounds like something my kids and I would enjoy dancing too.

  3. fun, fun song!

    tags are beautiful!!!!

    i said no this past week and it felt so good!!! sometimes you just gotta...

    and, ugh, my art space is a complete mess tooooooo!!!

    hope your having a great day!

  4. your tags are fab! "NO" is a great muse, it's so hard to say it sometimes and I know finding the strength to say it is difficult. I hope it serves you well!

  5. I'm trying to do some cutting back myself but it's not going well so far.

  6. Love that music and those dancers - how fun and silly! I'd love to cut the rug like that!
    Your tags are gorgeous and completely make me drool!
    Happy Day and good like with the organization!

  7. Love the tags. And love your comment about saying no. I have a problem saying no to my driven self: "No, you can't do everything on your overly ambitious to-do list today; each one would average about 3 hours - DO THE MATH!

  8. I have got to practice saying "NO" as well! I am so behind my behind is behind!! LOL