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Bit of a Drive By Posting today - A Random Tuesday Tumble

Click on the purple button, grab 1 & post some Random Thoughts of your own today. Here's a quick peek at my current fixations:

Sondre Lerche's Heartbeat Radio - I usually like a random mix of music in the A.M. but I'm loving the album too much to change it

The Black Spot Books on Etsy. Everything about this shop is perfect. I am in awe of the talented Margaux Kent. While I am seriously tempted by the Illness Apprentice print series, the little books are freaking amazing too.

photo from The Black Spot Books

Guess what?! You you can try to win 1 over at the Olive Bites Blog. Many thanks M.M.E. Stuttering for pointing out this great giveaway!

Smitten Kitchen's bread recipes - big hit at my house the last few weeks

tique - excellent interviews

The art of Justin Vining & Shawn Stucky - different styles but both really know how to work color & line! (Thanks for the heads up, Nate)

Queen Bee has posted all the art-tags she got from the swap. Now she'll distribute them. Here are mine:

tags I made - photo courtesy of QueenBe

Fabric!! - 2 Etsy Team challenges (Melange & Steam) this month require use of Fabric. I've too many ideas- need to settle on something soon & get started. I keep missing the SteamTeam deadlines & they have some of the coolest challenges.

Gotta get moving today. Be sure to pop by & visit the Archangel of Anarchy, The Un Mom, & find out why you really really don't want to drink & drive - It is soooo not what you think!

The Un Mom

Before you go leave a comment here at ArtSnark's Artifacts & I'll enter you in this Thursday's random drawing for some craft supplies. Click here for list & photo of items in prize package


  1. If I ever win the lottery I going to go nuts on etsy.

  2. I'm with Captain....D....I would totally go broke on Etsy.

  3. I love Etsy, the stuff is amazing!

  4. lovely collection!

    i am seriously tempted to buy!


  5. I am in with Captain D. and Joy!! Maybe we can go in on a lottery ticket and split the winnings and then go shopping!!!! woohoo!!!!

  6. Those mini books are so cool!

    Thanks for coming by my blog to check up on me.... I've been wanting to get back into blogging in the worst way, but have just been too busy, with the school year starting up again. You'd think that would give me some extra time, but it hasn't worked out that way!

  7. I love your giveaways. I usually don't like reading giveaway posts but yours are fun :)