Happy Birthday, Mr. Wells!

Considered by some to be the father of Science Fiction, the imaginative H.G. Wells would be 143 today. Shame we haven't created the time machine yet - we could all go back & have a grand party!

National Geographic has posted a fun piece which looks at his ideas: 10 Predictions that have & haven't come true.

Last month I wrote a post about how much I have enjoyed rereading the works of Wells this summer (seeking details for a new Author's Box). If I'd been thinking, I'd have finished the box today.

Instead I went with a blend of Mixed Media Monday & Maternal Spark's Weekly Muse (formerly Monday's Muse).

Mixed Media Monday's prompt today is Metal/Metallics. Visit that blog's comments for links to some wonderful creations. Even better, add a link to your own interpretation.

In addition to asking "What inspires you this week?" the Weekly Inspiration presents a number of thought provoking questions today including "If you find yourself pushing something away, be it an idea or an object or a color, stop and examine why you’re doing this?"

These 2 topics prompted me to get to work on some of my unfinished toys. While I enjoy drawing, I really love tinkering. Lately, it seems I can hardly find the time. The ideas have been piling up in my head like the famous newspaper stacks that smothered Langley Collyer. Actually, so have the supplies. I could make a tin man with all the metal bits I have stashed away.

For the last year several half-finished projects have been stacking up. Why? Excellent question. I'll over-analyze it later tonight when I can't sleep. In the meantime, I managed to complete these 2 pieces

My contribution to Mixed Media Monday this week is 2 altered telescoping mirrors. I took these cool gizmos & secured tiny art to the mirror backs. These little pieces are surrounded by metal rings marked with the words Focus & Imagine. The tiny art is protected by a thick glaze.

Just in time for Halloween. Use them to peek around corners to see what goes bump in the night. Perfect for cosplay or looking for the monster under the bed.

Hopefully I'll get them posted to 1 of my etsy shops this week. ArtSnark is looking cluttery to me but SteamDreams is almost empty & supplies-heavy just now. I will have to think on it. Any suggestions?


By the way, 2 random drawings will be happening here on Thursday. Click through for details:

1 winner receives a custom printed 18" x 24" poster from Uprinting.com - US only

The 2nd winner chooses 1 print from Koniver.etsy.com - Worldwide


  1. hi Stacey, please check out my blog, I posted your LAZY DAYS OF SUMMER art card.

  2. How fun! I love little tinkery (yes I just made up a word) things. The linky widget was down during your visit, so I'll add your link. Thanks for participating! I always love your posts, always so much depth :)

  3. Oooo, I need to make something Wells-inspired. Thanks!

  4. A clever and interesting post - great work!

  5. Very special and beautiful artwork!

  6. I really like the metalwork and tools, I take it you found a glue for metal you were happy with? Vera vera wonderful art!

  7. This is so special and unique. Thank you for being an inspiration.

  8. Love the gizmos!!! Fabulous!!

  9. This is awesome! Love your metal pieces :)

  10. awsome artwork..very inspiring..

  11. Wells... Steampunk... what more could you ask for to spark the imagination?

    I love your mini art idea Stacey... great tools!

  12. Super cool! I always wanted one of those mirrors when I was little.

  13. You are a clever little cookie, ya know. Like it so much!

  14. What, you MADE those metal things? Please explain how they work? I'm impressed but I don't understand.