Saturday Studio Tour #4 - Artist AJ of Storm One

Welcome to another Studio Saturday! This week we're off to Oakland, CA to visit with AJ of StormOne on Etsy. I really enjoyed browsing through the StormOne shop - there is an amazing variety of items on display. (Click on a product image to be taken to the shop.)

While the focus is on fabrics & colorful dyed items, you can also find some fabulous paintings and original ACEOs.

AJ's studio is great example of how big creativity can come out of a modest space.I'll step aside now & let AJ walk you through the studio:

AJ: My studio work space is small but cozy. In the north west corner I have two work tables and several in progress paintings on the wall.

AJ: Informed and influenced by my childhood memories as well as graphic design and architecture of the late 70's and 80's, my work incorporates images of my family and northern California landmarks from that era.

AJ: I tie dye, paint, draw and screen-print on these tables.

AJ: Across from my tables I have all my favorite books and reference materials as well as my favorite cd's and dvd's.

AJ: I have plastic storage bins for my art supplies but I'm the type of artist who likes to have my paints,inks and pencils at an arm's length.

AJ: I'm more creative if I can see my tools. Sometimes just having them laid out inspires me.

AJ: I am excited by the intersection of different media and what happens at the edges of layered images. Influenced by the juxtaposition of graffiti and commercial signage, I paint and draw text as well as symbols from popular culture. My work is a funnel by which the highs and the lows of my life, the distant familial past and current family relationships can be safely explored and relayed in such a way as to spark a dialogue of their greater universal themes.

Thanks for giving us a behind the scenes tour, AJ - Keep that inspiration coming!

You can see more of AJ’s art & clothing at StormOne.etsy.com. Also, be sure to check out the Electric Storm blog. It is filled with work in progress photos and explanations. I really enjoyed looking through the steps taken to create some very cool pieces, like this custom messenger bag!

Thanks to those of you who showed up today “to take the tour”. This was the 4th stop in a new blog series I am trying out - so far I’m having lots of fun with it! Each Saturday will feature a different artist and studio space. Some are grand & fancy, others are more modest. Amazing creativity thrives in these spaces regardless of size! I hope you will continue to join me on Saturdays as I visit with more artists to see where the magic happens.


  1. Wow - I am inpressed. Wish IU had a separate studio space. I always like browsing AJ's shop, and this gives greater dimension to her art.

  2. Awesome! I love the image of the Prez. What cool work AJ :),

    love seeing the studios tours :0

    Have a wonderful weekend, regards, T.

  3. Oh what a brilliant artist AJ is. I am very impressed and thanks for pointing us in the right direction.
    Thanks also for your kind thoughts regarding soartful. I already have an offer so am pleased as its all starting to cause me strain. Hugs and thanks for your beautiful blog and links .. i am always inspired when i visit
    hugs June xx

  4. thanks for all the kind words and a big hug and thanks to Artsnark for being so generous as to feature artists and their workspaces!

  5. Very cool studio tour! AJ's work is fabulous! Thanks for doing this Stacey....it is great!