Studio Tour Saturday - Jewelry By Solange

Welcome back to another Studio Tour Saturday!

Hot Tamale Necklace by Solange

Today we've been invited to see where jewelry designer Solange works her magic. On Thursday she popped by to share her passion for making jewelry & tell us about the one of a kind creations in her fabulous Etsy shop, Jewelry By Solange. To read this interview click HERE .

She is also this week's Thursday Giveaway sponsor. To enter this random drawing,comment here before noon (EST) on 9/10. Solange will create a customized piece of jewelry for 1 lucky winner! Contest details can be found at the bottom of Thursday's interview.

You can see more of wonderful work on her blog, also called Jewelry by Solange. She's hosting an amazing contest over there right now, the Scrumdiddlyumptious Mega Giveaway . 30 etsy sellers are giving away 30 prizes by September 30th! Click the giveaway link for details.

Now, I love visiting magazine-worthy studio spaces...and I love sharing them! However not everyone has a spacious studio. I think it is in an artist's to make the most of what they have. This includes adapting the available space.

When I first asked Solange if she'd share pictures of her studio, she laughed & said
"Did you want me to write a little about my 'working space' ? LOL- I say that laughing because I do everything on my bed." I figured why not? It's where she creates, so it works for me. So here is a tour of Solange's cozy studio, in her own words:

This is my studio-my comfy queen size bed. I wish I had a fancy room just dedicated to my jewelry making and I hope to be able to have 1 room in my future house just for me, but for now, this will have to do.

I love that I can fit about 13 boxes of beads and 1 box of tools, with enough room to add more. Most of all I love that I can be comfy, lay back a bit and watch tv while I'm beading. I have enough light with a ceiling fan/light but usually add an extra powerful lamp next to me when I'm working with smaller beads and doing some wire work.

I love my trusty lightbox & case. I can take it everywhere I go. My boyfriend gave this to me last Christmas because I wanted to find a better way to take pictures, especially in the winter/snowy weather.

Because it's a small traveling one, I don't have to worry about bringing it with me. I know some people spend over the top dollars for a lightbox, but mine was bought on ebay. It came with a complete set of 2 lights, a camera stand, fabric backgrounds and the case. You can't beat a good deal! Plus I think it works Great!!!

Next is my current storage area. Let me just say its so nice to have a walking closet! My sister and I shared it for years but when she moved out, it became all mine! Yes, I completely say that with a smile because I can literally fit just about anything in there. The top shop is pretty high so I have to make a few rounds back and forth from my closet to my studio...."my bed" when I want to create. Other then that, I can't complain.

Thanks, Solange, for showing us that you don't need a fancy space to create beautiful pieces!

When I 1st asked around to see who was willing to share their spaces on my blog, several artists insisted that I would not want to see where they worked. One person couldn't believe I'd accept pictures of her dining room table. Obviously, people enjoy the ambiance exuded by an amazing space. But I'd like to feature all types of "studios" here. There are so many different kinds of artists. Each with a unique style, an original story and a special space ... where the magic happens.

Thanks for coming by today & taking the tour! Would you like to show readers around your creative space? If so, just send me an email (found in my profile). Would you like to see more places where others create? Pop back to ArtSnark's Artifacts each Saturday. I have a variety of spaces to tour - come join me!

A final note today: I am running 2 other random drawing right now in addition to Solange's Thursday Giveaway. Click the links for details & to enter:
500 custom business cards to 2 winners - ends 9/10
A 24" square custom wall sticker to 2 winners - ends 9/13


  1. Clearly she doesn't need a special/fancy spot to create magic! So talented.

  2. I really enjoy reading your blog, love this studio tour Saturday!

    I liked the honesty of Solange, not all will admit that the bed is one of the most used work place.

  3. Wonderful!!! When there is a will to create...you just create!! Fabulous!! And such beautiful jewelry!!

  4. Good read! and thanks for a chance to win:) origamibysisi at gmail dot com