Diva Dancer, newly listed + a poem

Diva now available at ArtSnark.etsy.com
The Dancer 

The Ebb and Sway
firstly this, then on again that way
the swirling dips, fulminating slips
erupting from your core
the stirring heart beat of life
pouncing from the womb once more.

This dance that we are set within
cleaves to the moment
abandons past hopes
forgotten dreams,
futures slopes
and speeds upon a wild hearted stream
to plunge into a river of sensual light
a frenzy of liberty and delight.

Leap upon that tide
and know in that instant
no point exists, no line,
no straight and narrow
no course of artful design
just a giddy glory
a sweeping surging rush
spiraling within our own fervent story.

Seek the fire
let loose the flames inside
that you may leap upon a cool sky
and raise your soul upon its sanctity, high.

Know the abandonment of care.
Dance upon a pin,
and in that infinite space,
that timeless grace, within,
explode into the air,
with joy, with love
with no fear.

for the music is set
and waits for no one.
                        - RMP 2011

Sometimes I actually like facebook. Not often, but this is one of those nights. I found a wonderful surprise on my wall - this lively original poem by Richard of CreativeSoulsPublishing.  

This wonderful piece prompted me to pull the above drawing out of a box and (finally) list it at ArtSnark.etsy.com. This feisty lady has been languishing in my closet since the gallery she was dancing in closed earlier this year. If you think you can keep up, she is looking for a partner.

Thanks, Richard, for the kick in the pants, ehem, inspiration. Keep turning those lovely phrases!


  1. Gorgeous artwork and beautiful poem are a heavenly marriage of inspiration and creation :) x

  2. Love the art piece and the poem! Happy 4th!!

  3. Beautiful representation Stacey... I have always loved the synergy of art, the combinatorial crescendo of image and the written word makes of both more than the sum of their individual parts, beautiful! :)

  4. Lovely! The poem tells her story just fine.
    Great work :)
    Happy 4th