Musical Monday - studio groove

Monday again already?


Monoral is one of my shortcuts-into-the-zone-bands. I am trying to pull together a couple of artsy projects that I have (as usual) left on the back burner just a little too long, so the jumpstart helps.

Not sure why these guys click my cogs into place - but when I need to make a quick shift from Mommy or work mode to studio mode this band usually does the trick. As do these talented folks I've posted here before... but they are too fantastic to not share again :D

 (heads up, there is some nudity in this video)
anything Coltrane
or Mozart's Requiem

There are others, depending on what I'm trying to channel for the piece o' art. But these are my current foundation musicians.
So what is getting you into your groove today? If you want to share, pop on over to Xmas Dolly and add your link.

Lynn's girl ACEO

Before I go, here is a link to the new Thursday Giveaway. On 7/28 I'll toss all of the folks who comment on this blog over 14 days into random.org. The name that floats to the top wins their choice of ACEO (a mini 2.5" x 3.5" piece of art) from my etsy shop. So if you want to enter the random drawing just leave a comment. (And if you click the grey link above you'll see a few more of the new ACEO prints I have coming in this week)


  1. Especially loving the Mozart!

    Very nice choices!

    Thanks for sharing with us today.

    Happy Monday!

  2. I kind of thing Monorail reminds me a little of the BeeGees.
    Coltrane and Mozart really got me moving also.
    Thanks for always playing along, we really appreciate your support.

  3. Totally educated my music knowledge. Great choices. Had to turn up the volume. Thanks for playing and see ya next week my friend. Have a good one!

  4. I am totally smitten with Mozart!! This piece in particular!
    Have a great week

  5. I love that you put Mozart in there:)


  6. great music!
    Monoral is the band that did the Ergo Proxy Music? Don't know much about them but I remember that anime. my brother had a crush on Re-l Mayer :)