Winner of the ACEO giveaway!

October Country ACEO

I have been listing like a fool lately - trying to fill a dusty shelf of my Etsy shop with ACEOs in time for today's random drawing. Now there are 30 pieces .... with more to come. If you'd like to take a peek, clicking here will take you directly to the mini-art department. (By the way, all of my ACEOs sell for $4 each and  ship free worldwide).

Now let's get this party started! With some help from Random.org today's winner of a 1 free ACEO of their choice is....

Woohoo! Congratulations! 

Many thanks to all who entered! Your encouraging words are appreciated more than you know. I have been meaning to take the leap into selling prints for years. Your kind comments have helped me feel like this is the right time to jump.

Looking for a new Giveaway to enter? Pop back later today. You can have a 2nd chance at an unclaimed prize. 

After that I will be be participating in The Altered Page's Buried Treasure blog hop later today. A bunch of bloggers will be sharing one of their favorite posts from the past. I realized last night I've been babbling up here for almost 3 years - wow - that is a lot of chatter from someone who originally never wanted to get into blogging !

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  1. Congrats, you won some excellent art!