Illustration Friday - Stay

Stay - mixed media on cut paper - click image to enlarge

Stay, the new IllustrationFriday prompt, hits close to home this week. I don't tend to get too personal on this blog & have debated sharing TMI this week. I don't do emotional very well in the real world (let alone the virtual one) so that is why I have been scarce around here. (who knows, I may come back & delete this later).

About 10 years ago my Dad was diagnosed with a nasty case of cancer. It did not look good.  Luckily he was accepted into an experimental study with some new heavy-duty treatments, and he beat it.  Now he has another kind & has surgery today. Needless to say, we are all hopeful & worried.

I wasn't worth a damn today so  drifted over to DA and trolled through my stock photo faves for some inspiration. Then played in PE9 for a while. Since I have no time to paint anymore, I've been mocking up some digi-sketches in case the calendar clears someday. 

Stay - digital sketch - again, just click to enlarge

I've still got a way to go on this one but it includes my thoughts on "Stay", crossing over, and of course a version of Little Red. I went too faded,need to tone down the white light & give the wolf a bit more ooomf. But as a sketch it is a decent start, I think....

Many thanks to these talented DeviantArt folks for sharing their fabulous stock images:

But I still felt a need to wrap my hand (& mind) around a pencil. On impulse I challenged myself to make something using only a handful of items from the pigsty on my desk. So, there is a scrap of torn patterned paper (it has typewriter-style text with words like -  "sudden", "alone" & "I remember", which seemed apt). Then 2 Pitt Pens, red & blue; a pigma micron brown 05; Plus a handful of Derwent Pencils - metallic Red#7; my go-to Lemon Cadmium watercolor pencil; & a Chinese White Drawing pencil.

Plugged in a Monoral Mix I haven't listened to in a while - it includes this great tune that anime fans will recognize - seemed to fit my mood....

Then I shut out the world and doodled away. Lucky for me, my wonderful husband covered for me in the kitchen and with the kiddo for a couple of hours. Little Dude came in about 3/4 of the way through & declared the illo "meh" - I had to agree. But plodded on & then had a go with some scissors. The cuts seem to let some of the fun texty paper show through without being too dull a background. 

The final is at the top of this post - I had to scan it on black , sorry if the background is distracting. It measures about 5.5" x 12". I was going to just add it to the never ending stack of dusty drawings but am thinking about matting & framing for the ArtSnark etsy shop. What do you think?

Are you inspired by Stay today? Pop on over to I.F. & see some other fun takes on the topic. Please add your own too - come out & play!


  1. i'm sorry to hear about your dad, stacey. i hope the surgery went well & that he heals. thinkging of you. <3

  2. I love this illo, the black background really defines the softness of the drawing.
    Have to admit I didn't even see the beautiful wolf until you mentioned it -oops
    I send a prayer to you and your family.
    I hope it all ends as it did 10 years ago :-)

  3. I too loved this illustration!!
    Sorry about your dad...I will pray for him right now!!
    Hugging you

  4. I hope things go well for your Dad

    loving this...great textures

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  6. So sorry to hear about this :( :(

    I like the illustration - there's a strong sense of sadness to it even before I read your post and it made me think about Shakespear's sisters "Stay".

  7. Best wishes for your dad. Spending the day drawing sounds like the best possible way of channeling your worries. I hope everything works out.

  8. Beautiful-It is like she's being pulled away but wants to stay.

  9. this is a really arresting image... and given even more power by your words... sending healing thoughts to your dear dad... xx

  10. I know the Dad health worries, I have them right now too. I really hope your Dad is fine with surgery. I love this illustration, beautiful...

  11. beautiful image,thanks for sharing and you're honesty...

  12. I understand all to well, the worry over a parent's health! Make sure to take care of yourself, too during this time.

    Amazing imagery, and many prayers to you and your family!

  13. Thanks for sharing your process, inner and outer. Final cutaway layout works for me! Great stuff.