Random Drawing Reboot! Myke Amend Giveaway - ends 8/4

Hey Hey! Time for another Thursday Giveaway!
 By the way, if you are looking for the winner of this morning's ACEO random drawing click here.

Every now and then someone enters a random drawing and fails to claim their prize. Rather than let the good stuff sit around collecting dust, let's rerun the latest neglected prize.  Last month, the always fabulous Myke Amend sponsored a giveaway of his Coloring Book for Grown Up Kids. More than just a coloring book, it is 30+ pages of steampunk/ sci-fi/ Chtulhu eye-candy! The winner was a no show, so let's have a redo

Next Thursday (8/4) I will pick a new random winner to take home this artist's fun book.  Just leave a comment before 1 am (EST) on August 4 and you're name goes into the hat. If you  commented on this blog between June 30 and July 14th, you are automatically reentered. 

 Need to know more about this talented fellow and his unique prize? Here is a recap of the original prize announcement:

Cover of Myke Amend's new coloring book

We are in for some fun today! Time for a new Thursday Giveaway!

Are you familiar with one of my favorite fantasy artists, Myke Amend? I am happy to own this wonderful Steampunk Alice drawing:

Mach Turtle by Myke Amend

I also crazy-love his cast of characters (C'mon, Steampunk Boba -what's not to love?!)
Slave 1881 by Myke Amend
and assorted airships
The Albatross by Myke Amend

His pieces show up here from time to time .... as I find something new to desire. You may have also caught this feature/giveaway post last fall. So what is this talented fellow up to these days?

Myke Amend's Coloring Book pg 4

Somewhere between the magazine covers, steampunk conventions, and the ambitious Infernal Device project, Myke pulled together a fun coloring book featuring 30 of his black & white pieces.

Myke Amend's coloring book pg 9

Do you love Lovecraft? Crave Cthulhu? Go CooCoo for Cocoa Puffs ? Okay, not that last one... but if you like tentacles, spooky chicks and things that go bump in the night then this gem of a book is for you. And....

On 7/14 I am giving a copy away to one lucky winner!

Myke Amend's coloring book pg 13

To see more images from this fun book, pop over to the artist's website. You will find a link to the web rez version of this coloring book at the bottom of its sales page - click here to check it out.  Ooh - just remember to leave a comment here before you go, so your name gets tossed into the hat. Ya never know, you could be the lucky winner!

Want to see more fun stuff? Peek into a bit of Myke's world:


By the way, you can also click on any of the purple image captions for more info.


Extra Note: Today is the Buried Treasure Blog Hop sponsored by The Altered Page. All participants (including yours truly) have been asked to replay a favorite blog post today. Soooo... I'll be back in a little while with mine. (Not an easy choice with all of the Featured Artists & Studio Tours that have appeared here over the last 2.5 years). Hope to see you then!


  1. Um, love?!?! So glad you are redoing this give away :)

  2. NOt sure if I commented between those dates or not, so here's another :)

  3. Oh Yes Please count me in for your generous draw! Found you via Seth's Buried Treaure and am so darn pleased I did! You've added more creative confusion to the 12 lane highway going on in my head ... and loving it!