3......2......1.....It's Monday's Muse time!

3 New Listings.......2 In The Bush......aaannnd 1 W.I.P

The studio spring cleaning trickles on... And Inspires! I keep finding stuff I forgot I had - cool random things, nifty supplies & finished artwork... Over the next couple of months, I'll be adding some older pieces to Artsnark's Artifacts on etsy (in addition to my current creations). Many are Polaroid transfers that have been framed & are ready to hang.

For the curious: A water bath is used to separate the image from the Polaroid backing. The flexible image can be stretched or altered. It is then adhered to the paper (or other surface). I like to use a nice thick paper so I can embellish with watercolors & pencils. Once it dries, the final piece is then treated with a UV resistant finish.

Here is a pic of Red Bicycle in its shadowbox frame. For more info just click on any picture.Next up is the Apprentice Box. Just messing around. It's been sitting on a shelf since December. Figured what the heck, might as well list it. Lots of cool stuff on the outside: antique pocket watch parts, misc gears and metal bits, original drawing & photo, the words inspire, strength & discipline and a red feather. The inside is lined with a maroon felt-type material

The Saga of Little Red Continues.....

Finally finished & listed the WIP I posted 11 days ago: 2 In The Bush

And this saaaad & lonely canvas has been clogging up my easel for maybe a year now. I'm selfishly posting this crummy picture as incentive to finish it! Hoping that I won't be able to turn my back now that it's "out there". Love to complete it by the end of April, but in the words of the great Lyle Lovette:
It was a fact of life that no one cares to mention. She wasn't good but she had good intentions...

Speaking of good intentions, if you have a few minutes please pop over to Maternal Spark, the inspiration for all Monday's Muse posts. She's been taking care of a sick little one the last few days & I'm sure she could use some blog-love :D


  1. Cool Polaroid shadow box! I'm surprised you didn't list that a while ago. Someone is boud to snatch it up!

    I really like how your Red cape girl came out.The colors are very vibrant and strong.

  2. Oooooohhh, more Polaroid transfers !! Those are fabulous.
    Thanks for the comment on Dr. Evil and yes, indeed, you guessed correctly !!

    There is a little award for you on my blog, too. . . the post prior to the Three Men. Take a looksee.


  3. Ooh! I absolutely love Red Bicycle

  4. I'm also in love with the Red cape girl! You are so talented. Thanks for the well wishes - my little one is doing much better today.

  5. I really like the background so far on your canvas. Just trying to inspire you to finish it. I can't even bring myself to use any of my canvases yet. They are just too costly to mess up.

  6. Love the bicycle transfer....very cool!!
    Love your work sweetie
    Have a wonderful week!

  7. Hey there,

    Love that little red riding hooded girl! Beautiful piece!

    Francisco Martins

  8. Oh my - beautiful, beautiful work!!! Love the bike photo!!!