The Butterfly Charmer & Faux Frescoes

Cleaning out some shelves & uncovered these wonderful teeny frames
Decided I needed to make a little something.

And I do mean little. The frames are 3"sq & almost 1.5" deep.
So made this tiny Butterfly Charmer

It feels good to create something...anything. Too many days without making stuff & I get cranky!
Hope to really dig my heels into something meaty soon.

Till then, I added 5 Polaroid Transfers to my etsy sale at ArtSnark.

These are emulsion transfers on marble tile.* Ready to hang
Fun to make The final look reminds me of old frescoes & ruined walls.Just click on any pic for details
* If you'd like to read more about the different steps for making emulsion vs. image Polaroid transfers click here. The photos I posted yesterday were image transfers. Friday's post featured an emulsion transfer


  1. Yes I know what you mean about not creating and getting cranky! You're certainly multitalented...the polaroid transfers and beautiful little pieces...

  2. These are so, so, so beautiful!
    Do you have any idea how inspiring your comment about my photos was? I'm thinking I'll have to make a series about the early 20th century gent's collection! Maybe he's called Arthur Snark. We'll see.

  3. wow....you're into everything, too!!

    I can hardly keep up. My fingers kept scrolling down and couldn't stop.

    Nice place you've got here and great work.

    Thanks so much for all of your comments. Truly appreciated.

  4. Hi Stacey,
    Your mini frame art is gorgeous, it looks like it has such depth!
    Great piece!
    Hope your having a Happy Spring!

  5. Stacey~ the colors are so beautiful in that mini piece! Very nice!

  6. I love the tiny-ness of this piece. And the colors.

    And your transfers - wow - I am in awe!

  7. Lovely work...they do remind me of old frescoes. I get cranky too when I can't get into my studio and produce something....anything!! LOL

  8. They look very good. Beautiful images.