Free To Be ...Random Thoughts Tuesday


Aunt Sue stopped by today with some of my old records. Anybody remember Free To Be You & Me? I played it to death in the early 70s. All I really remember about the 70s was hideous fashion.
I'm the goofball with the Dorothy Hamill hair. One of my more coordinated outfits. I recall lots of mismatched neon & plaid

My 5 yr old saw the record & asked How do you get it in the CD player? Imagine, someday his kid'll ask What's a CD Player?

He also tells me he's working on the cheat-code to buy everything in the world without spending any of his own money.... Guess he's going into banking....

The ArtFreebies blog has some new Easter themed copyright-free images to play with here & here

Cafe Press has free shipping on orders over $50 til April 2 - get code & details here

If you're in Tampa on 4/2 there's free chocolate martinis & treats at City Street Sweets' new Lava Lounge

Feeling Lucky? Lisa Falon is giving away this cool piece on her blog - click here for rules

Last year I bought a wonderful drawing from her etsy shop Meluseena .

Portrait of a boy with eyes askance by Lisa Falon

Today my Uncle Jeff told me about his WW1 postcard collection. Passed down through the family & he's not sure what he wants to do with it. I tried not to drool. Thinking I should offer to inventory it. Scan the good ones for future collage projects....

If you have an interest in WW1 or just like reading blogs that are different from the norm, this is 1 of my favorites: WW1 Experiences of an English Soldier

Here's a couple of postcards from my collection. Both state Published by W.R. Thompson & CO. (Richmond , VA) and 1 is postmarked 1942. It's ok with me if you want to use them in a project. Be warned tho that with such a late date somebody probably has a copyright on them. I dunno.

Who knew inoculations could be so much fun?!

The fellow who sent this 1 wrote: Army Life isn't too bad. The gave me size 9E - I have to take 2 steps before my shoes move.

Just for kicks, here's a couple of receipt tickets from the empire state building for all you collage artists out there.

And if you need a little less structure today, pop over to see The Un Mom, fearless leader of the random pack


  1. stoppin by from un moms to say hi...omgosh he is going to find a cheat code huh LOL that is sooooo funny when he does can he share it with me?

    loved all your randomness

  2. Thanks for the link to the giveaway. Her work is fabulous!!

  3. Thanks for all these links and for the interesting convo..your son sounds like a clever boy...yes you definitely need to be cataloguin those postcards for ur uncle!

  4. I used to have Dorothy Hamill haircuts, too!

  5. I had the Dorothy Hammil haircut as well...and yet, none of us are mentally scarred.

    Oh. Wait. Well, maybe we're a LITTLE warped.

    Happy belated Tuesday!

  6. A cheat code??? ROFL!! Definitely a banker!! And what a great Dorothy Hamil hair cut!! Love your random thoughts!

  7. I never had the Dorothy Hamill but I too had some atrocious outfits that I actually wore to school. Thanks for the freebie links - I'm psyched to check them out. :o)