Just a quickie & New WIP

Scheduled a few too many things today so I'll try to be brief....

1st I really want to thank all of you who have taken the time to stop by & leave your encouraging comments. I've been lax on responding & for that I apologize.

There are some great new houses on the OzBushfire Etsy shop. I will post pics & artist links soon, probably tomorrow. Went to do it yesterday but got distracted - after a challenging day, I really needed some "art therapy". Little Red was on the prowl last night so I let her stretch her legs on a new canvas.

WIP - 2 in the bush

I've never been a series kind of person, always flitted from 1 technique or idea to the next before getting all the ideas out. But Red's become an icon - figure I'll just let her hang out a while. Once she has her say, she'll move on.

Speaking of....gotta fly...if you time pop by papercutsbyjoe & check out this amazing piece - a merging of his wife's profile & tree branches. My newest fave!


  1. Beautiful piece Stacey! All of your art speaks volumes! They just come alive, hope your having a great week.

  2. Hey Stacey - as I've stated before, I'm rather fond of Red. I notice that your WIP looks the same or similar to your avatar - am I correct? Are you doing another piece that is similar to your avatar but going to be different some way?

    My apologies back to you for not be a more active commentor/responder lately - been totally busy at work and stuff this week.

  3. Yep, Mike. The avatar is a crop from a collage I kept.

    I've had some requests for Red Riding Hood in the shop & since she keeps hanging around, a few variants are popping into my head.

    Did you catch Saturday's post? She had a new look then :D

  4. I love Red, too! It's fun to see her in different pieces.

  5. Lovely WIP--I'm doing just the opposite of you lately, normally I like to work in series but I've been doing a lot of onesies and twosies lately just to experiment on different techniques. I think the bottom line is to just follow your muse, no matter where she takes you!

  6. Love red riding hood...she is terrific!! Thanks for the link to the wonderful paper cutter artist!! Amazing!! Talk about dedication!!! Wowzers! Have a great weekend dear

  7. I'm really enjoying your Red series. Such a brilliant take on an iconic figure.

    And the piece from papercutsbyjoe is freaking awesome!

  8. Hi Stacey I checked out that awesome cutout yesterday, but have to come ask that you stop by my blog ( My Creative World) you can find thru

  9. Hi Stacey -
    Red has a definite presence. Keep on with her . . . fantastic work.
    She has the look of a heroine. . . maybe a storyline to follow??