Random Thoughts Tuesday Again !?!

Dang! Where has this month gone?

Any art in this post is created by others, so please click on the pics to visit their sites.
Feeling Linky? Lets go!

Found Thomas Serrano through Illustration Friday. Very very fun.
Check out his art blog waldowalkiria

Gave into the cravings this weekend & bought a couple of pieces for the wall-o-great-art Spring Blossoms by LGraceOriginals
Time by LGraceOriginals

Recently started following darke curiosity emporium blog. John Donald Carlucci has some very cool creations going on. His etsy shop is here

Mike over at The Mental Kavity reminds us that today is William Gibson's birthday. I remember reading Neuromancer a million years ago. Might have to pick it up again. Lately I've been rereading old favorites - some still pass the test of time. Others leave me wondering what the #$@% was I thinking.

Totally lusting after Dr Evil by Shelly at Paper Mischief.
No, not the old dude! The artwork ..... sheesh

TODAY ONLY sale at Cafe Press. Free shipping on orders over $50 with code. If I remember tonight, I think it is time to make some tiles or boxes & see how they do over at ArtSnark's on etsy.....whatcha think?

Zazzle has 50% off posters with code until the 21st

Brass Goggles, a must-bookmark for fans of all things Steamy, has some great links today

In honor of the day, go check out this fun vintage pic at La Donna Papercutting. Aahhh...life before photoshop....

Oh & don't forget to see what kind of trouble Keely, The Un-Mom & RTT cult leader, is getting into today. And be sure to wish her a Happy Air-Kraken Day! Special thanks to nullalux at cephalopod tea party, as I'd forgotten just how very cool March 17 is


  1. Totally cool to post my man, dear. So glad you like it. Ain't it fun to be wicked sometimes ??
    I'll check back later and stop by your other picks. They look so intriguing.

  2. Gorgeous pieces of art - and I can see how they'd be your style!! The spring blossoms one is intriguing.

  3. Very cool pieces. Dr. Evil is quite an interesting find. I dig it. Love your visual take on the RTT.

  4. Do the air-krakens require we wear green? Because if not, I'm converting.

    I *love* the Dr. Evil! You find some great stuff.

  5. Those are awesome thanks for the views and info!

  6. Thanks for all the links...what a fun journey I had this morning! And I took my coffee with me of course.

  7. The prints you bought are beautiful! Love your links, as always!

  8. Thankyou very much for recommend my blog. I´m very honored.

  9. Love your choice of art. I especially love 'Time". Your Red Riding Hood series is terrific! I'm a member of ZNE.....which is where i saw your page.
    Come visit my blog too...its a page in progress...I'm trying to make it POP...but I'm new to this blog thing.
    www.carole-mixedmedia meanderings.blogspo.com

  10. I love the spring blossom's piece - it beautiful.