It's that time again!

...or is it ?

Freakin' daylight savings time....grrr... Ben Franklin, yah should've stayed in bed, man! If you're really curious, here's a copy of his illuminating suggestion. I've gotta admit I love this part:

I went home, and to bed, three or four hours after midnight..... An accidental sudden noise waked me about six in the morning when I was surprised to find my room filled with light......Your readers, who with me have never seen any signs of sunshine before noon...will be as much astonished as I was, when they hear of his rising so early.....

Actually Ben was a pretty funny guy ...... but I still hate daylight savings

But I loooove Random Thoughts Tuesday! So, do you feel linky? Got a bunch for you today

Feeling Random? Try the luck of the draw:

Mike over at The Mental Kavity is giving away some original art - Hell On High Heels ACEO

Totus Mel's giving away some of her seriously cool Needle Tatting pieces.

Joy over at Joy to the blog is giving away scrapbook supplies and a gazillion rubber stamps

Over at Grosgrain they're giving away a gift certificate to Cinnamon Sticks - check it out. Not what you think. Thanks to Melissa at January Wish for sharing this 1 on her blog

All these creative folks have fun blogs & Fab etsy shops too. So... go check them out!!

Thanks to Nullalux for tweeting (or is it twittering?) about mykeamend.com and to Myke for mentioning this seriously cool site - steampunkwallpaper.com

Before I forget, A hearty congrats to fellow ZNE member & Uber talented artist Barbara Moustafa of RustyMermaid ! She was recently published in Somerset Digital Studio Magazine. There's a pic of the mag on her blog

Want to try your hand at getting published? Here's the guidelines for a gazillion different Stampington Magazines as well as Cloth Paper Scissors

Dang, Wednesday rolled in when I wasn't looking. (yes I type sloooowly) Don't forget to cast your vote over at this month's Mind Wide Open challenge. As always a fascinating mix of entries

And if you get the time, pay a call on the Queen Mother of all things Random :
The Un Mom


  1. Woo hoooooo! Thanks so much for the plug!

    You're AWESOME!

  2. Nice! I love it when other people find the cool stuff for me! ;)