You Can't Escape .... Random Tuesday Thoughts

But this guy could
Happy Birthday Harry Houdini!

If you need a little escapist fun today let's get you started:

Harry's My Space page is "authorized by...the grand nephew..."
Houdini tribute If you're at work be sure to mute - the music's a bit of a giveaway that you're slacking off. Course if you're still at work you've already got this covered,yeah?

Den Mother of Random Tuesday, Keely The Un Mom, has rampant robots (+ a lovely Haiku) on her blog today. (C'mon....click thru, grab a button & play along....you know you want too....) So Keely, this pic I found last night on The Great Harry Houdini is for you

Had your dose of vitamin Z today? Check out this new zombie piece by digital artist Barbara Moustafa. She's having a bit o' fun with the latest image prompt from Art On The Darkside , one of my favorite challenge sites.

Mike over at The Mental Kavity features the seriously cool skateboard art of etsian alexxxcastaneda today. Had to nick the image & share....forgive me, Mike?Click the pic to visit alexxxcastaneda on etsy. If you like what you see, visit iamalexxx.com for some more fabulous work by this talented artist

If you are looking for a spellbinding tale check out The Hermitage blog by the wonderful wandering artist Rima. She shares her adventures in art, thought & the great wide world. Her house on wheels is extrememly photogenic too. If you enjoy her blog, be sure to check out Rima's etsy shop, also The Hermitage.

I want to take a minute to say thanks for all the kind comments that have been left by visitors. Although I suck at getting back to you, I do stop by & enjoy your posts. Been out of town & without internet but will be catching up this week, I hope. Seeing some amazing creativity out there! Keep it up

I could get lost blog-hopping today, but the day job awaits. If you can spare a minute, go grab a button & share your wonderful random thoughts with the world.....


  1. Zombie art, nice. And she's from Gibsons. If I stood on my roof I could see Gibsons. Ok, that's not true. Curvature of the Earth and all. I've been painting today. Maybe I should have opened a window...

  2. I never know it's Tuesday until I read your blog! You know I just have better things to do than look at a calendar I guess!
    Thanks for being my reminder!
    Happy day!

  3. I never know what I'm going to find when I stop by.... and that is why I love your blog! : )

  4. Okay, THAT zombie art I like. Pretty colors :)

  5. Is it me, or was Houdini kind of a handsome, dashing fellow?

  6. I totally get lost blog-hopping, all the time! It's so addicting.

    My friend always says to never apologize for not calling, since we all get so busy. I think the same thing goes for blog commenting!

  7. ...such an interesting post...i'm off to check out all ur links...wouldn't have minded that harry bringing his handcuffs over to my house...

  8. Happy Birthday! Thanks for stopping in to peek at my free design today!

  9. Way nice randomness. :) ... Thanks for popping by to check on me.

  10. omg, did someone sneak into my shower with a paint easel?

    thanks for the houdini link. I know someone who will like it.